Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Maddox's Day/Paxton's 2 month update/Father's Day/Family Reunion OH MY

Maddox's Day/Paxton's 2 month update/Father's Day/ Family Reunion OH MY!!
Goodness there is a lot to catch up on!
Last week we took Maddox out for an afternoon of everything all MADDOX!! (Thanks mom for watching Paxton for us so we could enjoy some quality time with the Madd-Man!!) We took Maddox to see Toy Story 3 in 3D. It was such a cute movie and Maddox really enjoyed it. He got to eat popcorn with Brad, wear some super cool glasses (which he is NOT a fan of by the way) and watch his favorite characters Buzz Lightyear and Woody come to life on the big screen! After the movie we took Maddox to lunch and then we went and played at GiGi's house, took a nap then headed to PopPop and Nanny's house to celebrate Father's day by playing in an inflatable pool in the back yard and eating a lovely meal! Whew, what a great day!!!

On June 20th Paxton turned 2 months old. Wow, time is just flying by! What are you up to these days Mr. Paxton:
Wear size 1 diapers
Weigh around 10 pounds
Eat about 5 oz of milk every 3 hours (give or take a little) during the day
Going longer stretches between feedings at night (waking up around 4am to eat then returning back to sleep until 6-7).
Grunting, growing, smiling, cooing and being so sweet
You still like to cuddle
You do NOT sleep well if you are not swaddled
You enjoy looking at lights and really love your mobile in your crib
You are a big fan of bath time and this is where most of your "talking" occurs
You are blessing our lives more and more everyday!!

Also on June 20th we celebrated Father's Day!! Oh sweet Brad how blessed we are to have you as the head of our household. You are such an amazing daddy and our boys will be amazing men someday because of your guidance. Thank you for teaching the boys so much and investing your entire life in them! We love you so much!!

We spent Father's day at my mom's house also celebrating Carol's 30th Birthday!! It was a great day. The dad's seemed to feel the love from all of us and we got to celebrate another year of the amazing Carol....she was given a gift to spend a half day at the spa with her two AMAZING sisters (me and Kameron of course)...Kameron and I thought this was an outstanding gift..hahah!! We were very excited to get to celebrate  more of her birthday with her while receiving a massage, mud treatment, facial, manicure and pedicure.

Family Reunion:
We returned home last night from our annual Malone family reunion (my mom's side of the family). This year we went to Wimberely Texas and we all had a wonderful time visiting, swimming and just hanging out. Maddox did so well in the swimming pool. He has finally warmed up to the idea of swimming and his floaties and now he is just a little fishy out there in the water...we taught he to kick his feet like he does when he rides his bike and that has worked like a charm! Oh how Maddox LOVES my cousin Raegan...he would follow her every where and always wanted her to play with him. Thanks sweet Raegan for being so great to Maddox, he had a great time with you!!

On Friday, Carol, Kameron and I got to go spend our half day at the spa and it was fantastic.
I loved watching all of my family love on my boys and meet Paxton for the first time! Thank you all for holding, feeding and loving on Pax so I could swim and play with Maddox and Brad some throughout the day!! I miss all of you already and I am getting excited about whatever we choose to do next won't come soon enough for me!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Training Our Children

Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.
Proverbs 22:6

This morning I was putting away laundry in Paxton's room while Paxton lay on his play mat and Maddox played with toys on the floor next to Paxton.I heard Maddox talking to Paxton saying things like "hi brother! whatcha doin?" Then the sweetest thing occurred. Maddox began to pray with his little brother, saying "Thank you mommy! Thank you Daddy! Thank you Paxton! Thank you brother. Thank you fun! Thank you Jesus. Ummm, Amen!!" I stood in the hallway listening as my heart swelled and my eyes filled with tears. As I entered the living room Maddox sat there beside his brother, holding his hand, talking to Jesus and thanking HIM for his family!!! My heart is full of joy knowing our oldest boy is drawing closer to our Savior and leading his little brother in the same direction!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Red Raiders

Paxton had a LOT to say about Texas Tech no longer being a part of the Big 12....

He decided to sit back, relax and wait for the news..he was very excited to hear that the Red Raiders will continue to be in the Big 12....

And now he dreams sweet dreams of the day he can watch our Texas Tech Red Raiders with his big brother and daddy!!!

Go Tech!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Clean Hands and a Pure Heart

Give us clean hands give us pure hearts
Let us not lift our souls to another
Give us clean hands, give us pure hearts
Let us not lift our souls to another

O God let us be a generation that seeks
That seeks Your face, O God of Jacob
O God let us be a generation that seeks
That seeks Your face, O God of Jacob

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What Are We Up To?

What are we up to these days?
Make a bottle. Feed Paxton. Burp Paxton. Change Paxton's diaper. Finish feeding Paxton. Get Maddox something to eat for breakfast. Change Maddox's diaper. Clean up the breakfast mess. Start a load of laundry. Fold a load of laundry. Replace the pacifier that has fallen out of Paxton's mouth for the one hundredth time already. Get everyone ready to head to the gym. Play/workout at the gym. Come home. Fix a bottle. Feed Paxton. Burp Paxton. Change a diaper or two. Finish feeding Paxton. Fix Maddox and Brad lunch. Play with the boys. Read Maddox a story. Put Maddox down for a nap. Rock Paxton. Attempt to get him to nap. Ahhh...if I'm lucky both boys are asleep for a little while at the same time. Laundry/dishes/clean up as much as I can while both boys are down. Get Maddox up from nap. Fix a snack. Play cars/trucks/Lego's/play dough. Fix a bottle. Feed Paxton. Burp Paxton. Change Paxton's diaper. Finish feeding Paxton. Start working on something for dinner. Brad gets home (hallelujah). Attempt to eat dinner as a family. Constantly hold Paxton because it is his fussy time. Fix a bottle. Feed Paxton. Burp Paxton. Change Paxton's diaper. Finish feeding Paxton. Listen to Brad and Maddox run and play and "fix stuff." Give Maddox a bath. Read a story. Time for night night. Give Paxton a bath. Read a story. Console him because he is usually still a little fussy at this point.Fix a bottle. Feed Paxton. Burp Paxton. Put Paxton to bed. Hang out with Brad for a while. Get some much sleep as possible with 2-3 feedings during the night.
Whew, the days can be long and feel a little crazy at times....but one thing is always certain...this is a crazy house of laughter, learning, love and creativity and we are trying to soak it all up!!