Monday, February 3, 2014

Harper is 19 Months Old

I just realized in the midst of two cases of the flu, one stomach bug, two ear infections and possible pneumonia life, I missed updating about Harper Grace turning 19 months old. Sheesh, it cannot be possible that she is getting closer to age two than to age one. Makes me sad; however, I am so excited to watch the little lady she is becoming.
So, what are you up to at 19 months old miss Harper?
-weigh about 24 pounds
-you seem super tall...everyone comments on how long you are...we will go for you 18 month check up (that momma totally forgot about) and get your official measurements 
-wearing mostly 18 month clothing and the occasional 2T top if it can be paired with leggings
-size 5/6 shoe
-you are finally starting to eat again. You went on a complete eating strike after the flu and it has taken about 2 weeks to finally gain your appetite back 
-you have gained quite a bit of sass in the past few weeks. Whew the fits you through are mighty and hilarious....although we try hard to not let you see how funny they are when your tiny body is flailing on the ground with your arms and legs kicking. You are becoming familiar with the time out spot and so far it seems to be working well to get you to change your attitude. You are demonstrating a very teachable spirit.
-you have learned to run and you are very fast
-you love to play chase with your brothers
-you love to steal a toy from your brothers and take off running as fast as you can 
-your favorite toy continues to be a baby doll
-you are talking more and more everyday with words consisting of : please, thank you, eat, ice, more, up please, help please, bath, hug, momma, dadda, doggie, baby, Ruby, go,  Gigi, Granny (neenee)
-you love to play and you are easy to play with
-you love the movie "Tangled" and you would sit there and watch the entire movie if I would let you (this helps when I am trying to help Maddox with his homework)
-you are a nurturer. When someone is hurt or in timeout you go to their rescue

Oh Harper Grace, the days are filled with such joy with you in them. We love you baby girl.