Sunday, June 26, 2011


Its been a while since I have posted simply about Maddox so I figured now would be a great time to brag on my eldest little one.
Maddox is 41 months old (almost 3.5). He is getting taller and leaner, loosing the baby fat and looking like a little boy. He is wearing size 3T for most clothes. Still taking an afternoon nap from about 1-3pm. He doesn't always sleep, but he has to stay on his bed quietly for two hours. He still does not like milk or cheese. Favorite food is a peanut butter sandwich. Loves his Raffie.
Maddox is turning into the sweetest, compassionate, spunkiest little man. He is really starting to blossom and is rapidly turning into a big boy right before our eyes. He has been taking swimming lessons at a local gymnastics facility where he spends the morning swimming and the rest of the day playing in the gym. HE LOVES IT. I laugh every time I drop him off because he walks into the gym and immediately starts running. RUNNING. RUNNING. His teachers laugh because they say he runs all day long (I believe it, he is starving and exhausted when I pick him up). They all seems to really like him there and comment on how polite, smart and funny he is. He definitely is a ball of energy! He has learned so much while at swimming and his fear of the water going over his head is officially a thing of the past. He will jump in the water and go completely under and he loves it. I am so happy that he has overcome his fear and now enjoys swimming like a big boy!!
As always, he is continually surprising us with how smart he is and how observant he is of his surroundings. He has a much better sense of direction than I do and he can tell you how to get home from anywhere in Lubbock (Seriously).
He loves to play and has recently started playing in his room by himself for small periods of time. This is a huge accomplishment. He is such a people person and rarely enjoys being by himself (which can make for very long days for this momma), but now he asks to go play in his room for a little while. It is so much fun watching his imagination at work!
He loves books. He loves to "read" them and loves to be read to. He can quote almost all the books in his room, and he has a lot of books. I think there will be several nights in our future where I have to go in his room and make him turn off his lamp and go to bed. He already sits up with a flashlight and a book before he goes to bed.
He is not shy. Madd will talk to anyone. He is a go getter and dives in head first at everything he does.
With POPOP before the Circus

I don't think he was to amused with the nose

nice hat Madd!!



Madd helping me blow out the candles on my bday cake

Maddox and Aunt Kim!! He loveess his aunt kim!!!
Oh sweet Maddox, you are such a fun little boy. You keep us laughing and you are always questioning everything around you. I hope these qualities never change. I hope you continue to appropriately challenge your boundaries. I hope you question everything and never sway on what you know is right. I hope you keep you sweet spirit and your gentle heart along with your spunky and determined personality. I pray I guide you and teach you in a way that helps you learn without changing your spirit. I pray you know how much you are loved and cherished!!! We love you Maddox Bradley!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Look Who's Walking

Look Who's Walking Now

Just some fun from Mr. Maddox

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Awesome Pictures

I received the disc in the mail with all of the pictures my sweet friend Jessica  took of Mr. Paxton to document him at one year old. I posted a few that she had sent me while I was waiting for the disc, and oh my goodness, I LOVE THEM ALL!!! Thanks again Jessica for these amazing pictures of our little man!