Friday, February 13, 2015

Mono and strep throat and ear aches...oh my

The sickness this winter had just lingered on and on and on. Maddox is still battling mono and with a compromised immune system, he continues to catch other nasty bugs along the way and has a much harder time getting rid of the bug. The mono has made it super hard for him to concentrate and he started struggling with his school work (which, if you know Maddox, he certainly doesn't struggle to keep up academically). He is exhausted and thus irritable. This week he came home from school on Monday with a double ear infection only to be woken up in the middle of the night with the stomach bug. He was bent over, crying out in pain with his tummy which of course freaks me out bc I was told to be aware of stomach pain because it could mean problems with his spleen. The doctor called him in and anti-nausea medication and I was told if the stomach pain subsided with the meds, then he just had a tummy bug. If it didn't, then we needed an ultrasound of his spleen. Thankfully, the meds worked great and he was given some relief. 
He was finally able to return to school today and attend his valentines party!! Whew. He would have been so so sad if he had to miss that. 
I have I brag a little on his sweet sweet teacher. When I had to pick him up early from school because his ear was hurting, she asked if it would be ok with me if she shared a little about what was going on with MADD to some of the other teachers so they could join us in praying for healing over him. The prayers were definitely felt, and today was the best day he has had in almost 2 months! Also, his teacher had all the kids make him get tell soon cards that were sent home for him to read. So so precious!! Then, one of his little buddies at school (well, with the help if his awesome momma) got him a sweet get well soon care package with a smily face balloon attached and they dropped it off at the front door. Adorable!!
We defiantly felt the love this week. I can honestly say, nothing brings me more joy than to watch other people love on my son and make him feel special. (It makes me excited about the day... A very very long time from now, when I have the chance to watch my son marry a girl that loves and adores him. Nothing brings your momma heart happiness like watching others love the child you love so dearly). Any who, that was super off topic!!!
We continue to pray for complete healing, added energy and the ability to fully concentrate during the hard days. We also pray for guidance for brad and I and Maddox's teacher to know when to push him to try harder and when to show Grace as he struggles to overcome this nasty mono!! We are sure thankful for such an amazing school and a wonderful teacher!! 

Here is Maddox with his care package from his sweet friend

Here is a picture the sweet momma sent me of her adorable little boy "sneaking" the surprise to the front door. He rang the door bell and ran off. So cute!

Here's the super fun shark mail box Maddox and I made for his valentines treats. Such a fun project. He did so good!!!

Daddy surprised him and came to the party!!!