Monday, April 28, 2008

Drum Roll Please......

We had a very nice weekend!! Maddox was such a joy and a happy boy all weekend!! We were able to hang out with our good friends Dusty and Sarah (Sarah is the sweetest girl ever, she has a swing at her house now for baby Maddox....he loves it by the way...I'm telling ya, our little one loves to move!!) We played games with our friends and Maddox just swang was so nice!!! We are very blessed to have such great friends who love our son so very much!!!

Now, moving on to the very exiting news for the day......

What an amazing day it has been for Maddox!! I am not sure how many of you realize this, but Maddox has his own agenda most of the time...and that agenda absolutely does NOT include tummy time. We have to fight to keep him on his tummy for more than 30 seconds; however, today was a special day for the Madd-man!!!! He was frustrated on his tummy and decided he had had enough; therefore, he rolled himself over!!! Yes, you read that right, Maddox rolled from his tummy to his back for the fist time today!!! I wish I would have had my camera ready to take a picture of it, but of course I was not expecting him to do this exciting task today!!! Yippee for our little man!!!

I shall leave you with a few pictures from this weekend!!!

Just chilling on the couch...his shirt says " my daaada is #1" Oh how true...what an amazing father bradley is!!!!

Here is the Madd-Man after he rolled over, I think he was a little shocked!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

oh wow! I do believe my heart cannot possibly take any more crying from the little man! The poor guys simply hates his big boy bed....I cannot get him to sleep in that thing at all! I attempted to lay him down for a nap and I made myself let him cry for 10 minutes, after that I would go in and attempt to soothe him. The key word there is "attempt". He was so upset, and it just broke my heart. I know I have to eventually let him self-soothe himself to sleep, but I just feel he is too little right now; however, I will give it a try everyday and eventually he will figure out that sleeping in his bed feels much better than sleeping sitting up in that swing (try convincing him of that though...hhahah...he LOVES that swing of his....thanks grandma and grandpa Voda for that swing, who would have thought he would love it so much!!)

Moving on to a happier note, Maddox is figuring out how to use his little hands more and more everyday. He can grab toys and hold onto them for a little bit and he plays in his little bumbo chair and plays with a toy. It is really cute, when he is working hard he sticks out his tongue so it will help him (takes after his momma with that one...i still don't know why I think my tongue helps me with difficult or straining tasks, but I sure do use it...hhahah)

I shall leave you all with a picture of the Madd-Man playing away in his bumbo chair!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm sitting here trying to think of anything "new" that has happened this week; however, as new parents, EVERYTHING is new in our lives! I took the Madd-Man to Brad's work yesterday and he did sooooo good! He was happy and talkative the entire time (i think we were there for nearly 2 hours) I was so proud of the little man. Everyone at his work laughed at how "fat" he is....he's not fat, he is phat!! hahahah...pleasantly plump as brad likes to call it!!! I suppose that is all that is "new" He is finding his little personality and he can be so sweet (when he's not screaming at us for that bottle...hahhah) I suppose that is all that I have for today. I will leave you with a sweet pic of how the little man prefers to sleep!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Well, Brad and I thought we would start an online Blog so that we can keep our families and friends updated on the growth and new adventures we experience with our little man, Maddox! Well, here we go....whats new in the Voda life these days??? Well, Maddox is 3 months old, i still cannot believe how big he is getting! He weighs almost 15 pounds already (he certainly does not miss a meal....he actually yells at us now when we are getting his bottle ready, he is so eager to eat, i just find myself laughing at him because he gets so worked up and anxious to have that bottle). We feel like we are having a break through this past week...he has been sleeping in his little papazon chair IN HIS BED!!! That might not sound like a huge success to some, but we sure are excited to have him in his own room!!! Hopefully we will get him to sleep in his fancy bed sometime soon (keep your fingers crossed)
The funniest thing he does these days is smile and talk to himself when I hold him in front of the mirror. He loves to look at himself. We have a big picture of him hanging in the hallway, and when i show him that picture he gets the biggest smile on his face. I find myself standing in the hallway a lot these days, just so I can watch him get so excited!!! I will post pictures soon!!!
Well, I apologize for all the rambling, I hope this helps for our families that live far away! We love all of you and wish we could all live closer together. Here is my most recent favorite picture of our little man!!! Enjoy!!