Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Maddox had his first t-ball practice this evening! (I unfortunately did not take a single picture to document this momentous occasion in our 4 year old's life, but I promise at his first game I will take more pictures than necessary).
There is something so precious, hilarious and a little chaotic watching a Hurd of four year olds attempting to throw, catch, run bases and attempt to hit a ball off of a tee! Somehow in the middle of practice this evening, Maddox decided that the need to throw a ball overhand was over rated and throwing it more like a bowling ball, rolling on the ground seemed a little more logical. Where he came up with this, I have no idea, but we are eagerly working on getting him back on track throwing the ball the correct way! He did really well running the bases and seemed to pay attention pretty well.
When I asked him his favorite part, he told me "running the bases were my favorite. I like to run"

I hope we make this season in our 4 year olds life fun and full of memories! I know it will create wonderful memories for Brad and I.

Almost Two

Oh my mercy! The fit throwing, temper-tantrum, super frustrating, not so glorious part of raising an almost two year old little boy is in FULL effect around this house. If I survive this stage with most or at least some hair still left on my head, it will be a miracle. I know the poor guy gets aggravated that he cannot fully communicate his needs, wants and desires, but heck, it is frustrating for me as well. I know the kid can talk if he wants to, he is just so dang stubborn. We are making huge strides in the language development and he is saying more and more words and making more sounds on a daily basis. I am glad he knows what he wants, when he wants it. I am thankful that he sticks to whatever task he is working on, even if it makes him super frustrated. I am blessed that he is ours. I pray I can guide that spirit of his to do great things and to teach the little man that yelling at the top of his lungs is NOT a proper way to express himself.
Ugg, this pregnant woman is worn out and in need of a serious break. I am sure he is too!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Horsin' Around

I love to watch these three boys "horse" around. The squeals, giggles, and loud noises that accompany a play time with daddy is often sweet music to my ears. These three can wrestle, burp and laugh like pure champions; however, I sure am thankful for the opportunity to add a little girl to the mix of my entourage Man-tourage! 

Beach Babe

Looks like someone is ready for the beach!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pink, Frilly Things

Around our house you will find Hot Wheels cars, Tonka Trunks, train sets, and more batman gear than you can imagine. I am excited to share that in the next few months we will be able to see some pink, frilly things accompanying the land of boy that has taken over our home. We found out yesterday that this precious little babe growing in my belly is indeed a beautiful little girl. My heart speedily fluttered in my chest as the ultrasound technician spoke the sweet words, "You are have a little girl." It seems that from the moment we found out we were expecting this little joy, I had the inclination/high hope that this miracle was in fact a little girl. When I prayed over this little one I always called it a girl and quietly winked at our Lord as I knew that HE knew my heart and desire to have a little girl (We would have been equally as happy with a third perfect little boy; however, it is such a joy to see that my selfish will is the same as the Lord's this time).
While we are certainly going to be busy and our hands are going to be full, we are overcome with joy as we prepare our hearts and our home for our precious little girl, Harper Grace Kalivoda. It is such a sweet moment when I can pray over this little one by name.