Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas To All

Well I hope all of you had a great Christmas with your friends and family!!! The 3 Kalivoda's had a very blessed Christmas! Christmas Eve we celebrated our Christmas as a family of 3...we had a great time with Maddox and it was so much fun watching him open his presents from us. He was in a great mood and loved everything! We finished the evening by reading the Night Before Christmas (all 3 of us snuggled in the was so much fun)

Christmas Day we went to my mom's house and we spent the day over there. It was great to be with family and to experience Maddox's first Christmas!!!

We are celebrating Christmas with my Dad on New Years Day...we are also looking forward to that!!

It was fun to look back at last year and how "clueless" Brad and I were about what our next Christmas would be like. I was almost 9 months pregnant and terrified of the "unknown" We had a blast with our little man and we were truly blessed!

Here are a few pictures from Maddox's first Christmas
Maddox sitting in the pile of presents
Loving on Maddox
The gang at Grammy and Papa's house
My mom, me and sister Carol

Our little man, very excited!

Maddox, giving me a hug

Me and my man, just enjoying the day together

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santa Clause is Coming to Town

Well we are defiantly getting ready for Christmas in full force these days!!! Can you tell what song Maddox is trying to play with this plastic spoon and metal pot???

If you guessed JINGLE BELLS, you would be correct!! hahhaha!!!

Today, Santa visited Brad's work

I placed that Santa hat on Maddox's head and began to say "HO HO HO" and now Maddox repeats it to me, he even greated Anutie Sarah at the door saying "HO HO HO" oh it is so precious.

The 3 of us are going to celebrate Christmas tomorrow evening and I am so excited! I cannot wait to begin our own traditions as a family of 3! Christmas Day we will head over to my mom's house and spend the day over there, it should be a lot of fun!

Here's our little Santa walking to town!!

Monday, December 22, 2008


This is the video of Maddox was the best that I could do while holding the camera and catching the Madd-man walking towards me, thus falling into me...hhehehe!! It is so much fun watching him get the hang of walking...arms in the air, (like he just don't care), huge grin on his face and those wobbly legs trying so hard to keep up with his fast motion body!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Walkin Free

Maddox took his first unassisted steps yesterday evening!!! We are so excited, proud, and a little nervous to know that we have a walking little man in our house!!! It couldn't have worked out better, Brad called and told me he was on his way home; therefore, Maddox and I sat by the front door as we do most evenings and waited on Brad/Daddy to arrive, we saw the head lights through the front door and Maddox and I stood up to wait on him. Maddox was standing, holding my hands and he started giggling as Brad walked in....he let go of my hands and started walking to Brad!! It was perfect! Brad and I were both shocked!!! I am so thankful that Maddox waited to take those precious first steps when Brad was home!!!

I did attempt to get the walking on video, but I was not able to get any good footage, I'll keep working on it and post a video as soon as I can!!

Here is Maddox waiting on his Daddy to get home from work!!

My boys playing!!! Oh I just LOVE this picture

Santa came early to our house and he told Maddox it was time for him

to drink out of a sippy cup!!!!This video is of Maddox playing on his new rocking horse!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Catch Up

Wow, it has been far too long since I have updated this blog....I have been in a bit of a funk and have not made the time or effort to update. This past week I was able to go on a business trip with Brad while my mom kept Maddox for a couple of days, (well, let me clarify that a little bit, Brad had to do business and I got to rest and shop....what more could I ask for!) Let me tell you I sure felt spoiled, not having anything I HAD to get done and I had a few days to spend with my sweet husband. I did not realize how much I needed a small break until it was upon me! Oh I feel so refreshed and reconnected with my busy busy husband! Thanks mom for watching Maddox for us and making everything so easy for us!

Maddox is doing great! Working on two more teeth, standing by himself, walking with his little walker (or his favorite walking helper....ME!!!), "talking" and getting into EVERYTHING!!! He loves remotes and wires, drawers and cabinets!!! Oh its so much fun watching him discover new things!!!

Our little man turned 11 months old on December 8th and it is such a strange feeling to know that in just under a month he will be a year old. This past year has been the most amazing, exciting, nerve recking and life changing experience! I am working on plans for his first birthday (I finished his custom made birthday invitations today, and I am so excited about them, I think they turned out great, I will post one after I get them mailed to everyone)

My heart has been torn this Christmas season, I long to create lasting memories for Maddox, Brad and I as we celebrate Christmas every year, I want to begin traditions and make the holiday season truly JOYFUL!!! I want to make sure I do a good job teaching Maddox about the real meaning of Christmas, to instill in him the values that it is better to give than receive, and I want him to learn how to help others who are in need. While teaching the birth of Christ, I also want him to enjoy the excitement and wonder of Santa as I feel learning to believe in something is the first step in learning how to believe in God who truly is REAL and ALIVE!!! I simply want the Christmas season to be full of CHRIST, imagination, wonder, joy, and Family.

Sorry this post has been a bit random, I will try to do a better job of updating!!

Here are my 11 favorite things about our 11 month old:

1. Bath Time-while in the bath, Maddox kicks his feet like a frog and gets the biggest grin on his face, he LOVES the water

2.When he finds his stuffed elephant, Maddox hugs him and makes a sweet cooing sound...oh its precious

3.Maddox loves to have his teeth brushed, he opens his mouth big and smiles the entire time (well, when he's not trying to eat the tooth brush)

4. Watching Maddox walk with his push walker-Oh its hilarious, watching his little legs chase after it and hear the pitter-patter of his little feet

5. The car sounds Maddox makes-when Maddox is playing with a toy car or anything that moves like a car, he makes his engine is the funniest thing I think I have ever seen. He does it every time, with every car!!

6. Watching him sleep- Maddox likes to sleep on his tummy with his bottom in the air, Brad and I go check on him every night and most of the time we end up having move him because he is cuddling" the bumper pad!

7. Watching him bang things together, he loves to have something in each hand and "Drum" with them, it doesn't matter what it is, as long as he has something in both hands he will bang them together even if they don't make any noise. I do believe we have a musician on our hands...hahahha

8. Sitting by the front door with him as we wait for Brad to get home, Maddox gets the biggest smile on his face when he sees his Daddy walking up to the front door!!!

9. Watching him turn into a little boy! He is already loving guy time with daddy and wrestling

10. Dancing- Maddox has learned to dance while Brad plays the guitar (by dance I mean, bend his knees and throw his arms around like a madd-man)

11. Knowing that sometimes all he needs is me. Nothing melts my heart more than to know that Maddox wants ME to hold him, love on him and play with him!!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thankgiving Maddox

My Sweet Maddox,

It is now the day after Thanksgiving and I just want you to know how thankful we are for you, our sweet little boy. I am so thankful for your smile when I walk in your room in the mornings to get you out of your crib, I could not ask for a better way to start the day. I love how you stare at your daddy while he gets ready in the morning, adoring him and trying to figure out how to be just like him (he is an amazing man to imitate). I love when you crawl to my legs, pull to standing, and stare up at me with the sweetest smile! I am thankful for your laugh and your "spirited" personality. I love how excited you get when you realize you are standing on your own, and I love how you just aren't ready to let go yet. Words cannot fully descibe how much you mean to me and all the things we love about you; I have tried to soak up as much as possible this thanksgiving because I want to remember my first Thanksgiving with you! Your daddy and I love you very much and our lives are blessed more than we could have ever imagined because of you!

Happy First Thanksgiving my Sweet Baby Maddox!!

Maddox standing all by himself

Maddox and Daddy playing and patiently waiting on thanksgiving dinner

Papa and Maddox getting into trouble

Uncle J reading to Maddox

PopPop and Maddox lauging

Monday, November 17, 2008

These Boots Were Made For Walkin'

We had a wonderful weekend with Grandmom and Grandpa Voda!! They came in town on Friday and sadly returned back to Oklahoma today.....we miss you guys already!!! Maddox sure had a great time playing and almost walked by himself while they were here..(I don't give it much longer until I have a wobbly toddler walking behind me)

I know I say this often, but I feel like Maddox is changing rapidly and discovers something new everyday! He is growing up so fast and I am about to have a toddler in this house rather than an infant. My sweet child is on my heels everyday...I mean that literally...he follows me all around the house...helps me load the dishwasher, pulls up on the couch to get closer to me, follows me to the front door, and hits the ground "crawling" when he hears the bath water turn on (oh sweet Maddox, he loves those baths). It is so funny to watch him cling to me and long to be where I am (I long to have that same desire for Christ, to follow Him wherever He goes, to not care where He is headed as long as He is there, I will follow, and to be so thirsty for His water, that I hit the ground running every morning to just be that much closer to Him)

Thank you Grandmom and Grandpa Voda for visiting us, loving on Maddox and simply blessing us by being here. We enjoyed the time together and eagerly anticipate getting together again!!!

Maddox and Grandmom listening to Brad play the guitar (Maddox sat still like this for about 10 minutes just listening!)

"These Boots Were Made For Walkin'"....Maddox playing in Grandpa Voda's boots

Maddox "helping" us load the dishwasher!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008

Not Me Monday

I have been blog stalking a precious woman who has amazing faith, 4 precious little ones, and an amazing story of God's healing and HIS faithfulness to those who vigorously seek should definitely check out her blog and read her amazing story......she started a group blogger "therapy" which allows us to be perfectly honest about the things we did NOT do this week.....this is my first attempt at NOT me Monday, so please bare with me....

This week I most definitely did NOT secretly love that we had no trick or treaters for Halloween which did NOT leave me with a ton of my favorite candy to enjoy, which I am most definitely NOT eating as I type this post!

I did NOT argue with my husband that it was much to warm to need the heater on one evening only to go check on my precious sleeping little boy and find his tiny little hands frozen and immediately turn the heater on....oh no, I would NEVER freeze my poor infant child because I have a strange desire to sleep with it freakishly cold.

I did NOT scream like a 12 year old girl while watching the Texas Tech Red Raiders play amazingly well and beat OSU keeping us as the number 2 team in the nation. No, not me, I would never get so excited over a football game!

I did NOT get a little sad when watching my 10 month old son eat crackers like a big boy, and wonder where the time has gone with my tiny little baby as I hold my 25 pound giant in my arms!

I did NOT get teary eyed when watching Maddox stand independently with his huge brown eyes look up at me with excitement and a little terror as he realized he was standing alone. I did NOT want to encourage him to crawl as I attempt to enjoy the infant stage just a little while longer. Surely I will NOT have a toddler running through the house so soon!!

Well, there you have it, my first NOT Me Monday post....what did YOU NOT do this week???

Are you ready for a couple of pictures???

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Definitely NOT a Wordless Wednesday

What I’m wondering now is where do we go from here? While the electoral vote and popular vote strongly favored Obama, our country is still largely divided. This was a hard-fought, personal and passionate race. There are wounds on both sides. Can Obama and the Democratic congress heal those wounds? Can we help? Yes and yes.Obama ran as a unifier. He condemned our party divisions and championed cooperation across party lines. Many of the Democrats who won seats in the Senate ran with similar platforms. If Obama and the Congress majority maintain that position and “reach across the aisle” in the years to come, that will certainly go a long way in healing our wounds and unifying our country. Karl Rove has already expressed his own wish that the Republicans would do the same, "I hope we will support [Obama] when we agree with him, persuade him when we think his mind is open, and oppose him when we think he is wrong."

Whether unity happens in Washington or not, the question still returns to us: what can we do to help? As Francis Schaeffer so famously put it, “How shall we then live?” Now that the election is over and Obama and the Democrats have so clearly won, how shall we then live? I believe that we, the young Christian voters, can uniquely answer this question. I believe, in fact, that this is the very question we are so primed to answer. Because this election and its profound life issues has galvanized us to true action. Yes, we voted. But it’s more than that. Through this election, we’ve become aware of the major social issues of our day. And now we want to do something about them. We recognize an election will not change everything. We do not rest our hopes for change on a political party or candidate. We vote, we hope, but we don’t stop there. Tomorrow and the next day and the next and in January when Obama takes office, we get up and we continue our sojourn to follow Jesus. We live our votes for life, for justice, for peace, for equality.

We comfort our friend who tells us she’s considering abortion. Then we gently tell her why we believe life in the womb is precious. We help her find alternative options … and we stick by her side all through the pregnancy and birth and after. She is not a statistic or a faceless evil to us. We love beyond racial, gender and sexual lines. We reject stereotypes. We embrace individuals. We work for reconciliation. We do not talk about “that side of town,” we live there and work there and mentor there. We are a part of educational reform, and ESL, and rehabilitation. We recycle. We reduce our imprint. We consciously make our purchases, recognizing the global implications. We strive to “live simply that others may simply live” (Ghandi). We personally pray for our soldiers in Iraq, for the citizens of Iraq, for our leaders who are making tough decisions that affect millions of lives. We really do pray, and we believe our prayers matter. We continue to work hard in the jobs God has given us, saving our money and stewarding our resources. We tithe. We donate. We volunteer. We continually challenge each other to deepen our understanding of whole life ethics and Jesus’ call to follow Him. I believe this is who we are. I believe this is who you are. I believe we can be the change we’ve voted for—no matter who we voted for.

While I was pacing the floors, anxious and nervous about the results of the election, my sweet son again reminded to have faith and rest easy in the arms of our Lord!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


The Madd-Man and I voted today!!!
DID YOU????? I took Maddox with me today to go vote! I realize he is not old enough to have any idea what is going on, but I had a strong conviction to take him with me and start him out early knowing that voting is a huge responsibility that we do not take lightly. I also wanted to back up what we "say" with an action and give him the opportunity to see me vote! So now we just wait on the outcome. I am so blessed to have a young infant around because it is a constant reminder to have "the faith of a child" He has no idea the stresses that are out there in the world, he simply knows that we will take care of him. I am constantly reminded that God already knows the answers we just have to trust Him and do our best to be faithful followers of His will!!!
I also voted for Eli again today....DID YOU??? (see previous post if you are confused)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Please Vote for Eli

So as you all know tomorrow is the big VOTING day!!! In the spirit of voting, I am asking you guys to help out a friend of mine, Amanda, and vote for her son in the Most Kissable Baby contest. Little Eli Martin has made it into the top 5 of this contest and it would be awesome if they could win!!! Go here and vote for Eli Martin!!!
Thanks for your help here, I am sure Amanda will be very grateful!!!
Have a wonderful Monday!!! And in the spirit of Tech doing such a great job this weekend, I will post a picture of OUR cute, kissable baby sporting his tech gear several months ago!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall Fun

One of my favorite parts about this year with a newborn baby is all the "first" we get to experience...especially first holidays. This of course was Maddox's first halloween and although I am not a huge fan of this particular "holiday" I loved getting him dressed up in his precious costume that Grandmom Voda made for him and realizing that one day he will love being able to pretend for one whole day the he can be anyone he wants to be...a superhero, a football player, an animal...who knows what he will choose to pretend to be someday, but I certainly hope Brad and I can encourage that sacred art of pretend and imagination that we tend to loose as we grow up.

Speaking of superheros....did any of you watch the Texas Tech game....I read a sign that said "Superman dressed up like Crabtree for Halloween this year" hahhaha...I thought that was great, and what a great job our Red Raiders did on Saturday evening!!! Thank you Dad and Kelly for watching Maddox for us so we could go watch nervously as our team pulled off an amazing victory over the #1 team!! GO TECH!!!

What a glorious day it has been today! Church was amazing this morning, and again it was fabulous having the Voda family of 3 together ALL day!! We had a picnic out side and enjoyed the beautiful November day. Brad took some great pictures outside of Maddox that I think I'll share with you guys!! Hope you all have a great week!