Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Harper's school Days

Harper girl is attending a Kids Day out program two days a week. She is really enjoying it and I love to hear her stories of her adventures at school. She is still very shy but says she likes her teachers and music class!
I could not get over how precious she looked on her first day. She loves her unicorn backpack (and so do I). 
My prayer for her this year is pretty simple, I pray she laughs, learns and has a wonderful time. I pray she gains confidence when she is away from momma and she makes sweet friends! I pray she is a light to her teachers and her classmates because she is such a joy to be around!! 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

School Days

Geeze Louise. Looks like I have a lot of catching up to do on thi blog. Whew, I'm not even sure where to begin. I guess I'll just dive right on into the first days of school!
Maddox and Paxton both are having such a wonderful start to the school year. Maddox has transitioned to being a second grader with ease. The work load is gradually becoming more intense and he is showing us that he is more than capable to conquer all that 2nd grade has to offer!! He has a super sweet class and a precious teacher (she is a new teacher this year and I truly believe she is blessed to have Maddox as one of her students. He is so laid back, a rule follewer and teacher pleaser. Every new teacher deserves a Maddox in their class!!)
Oh Mr Paxton is having the best year ever (his words). He absolutely loves kindergarten. His teacher is spectacular and the perfect fit for his personality. We were all hoping he would get the same teacher Maddox had for kinder, but it's so neat to see how the Lord placed Paxton exactly where he was needed. He is thriving and loves all that kindergarten has to give. He has found a love for math and continues to blow me away with his reading skills. There are only 9 kids in his class which is such a blessing for him. He is maturing and continuing to work on his patience socially. He still gets wound pretty tight some days, but his sweet teacher isn't phased by it one bit and she helps him navigate through and mature along the way 
Nothing makes my heart happier than watching these boys grow and mature into amazing little boys!!! We are beyond blessed with such an amazing start to the school year. 
And speaking of growing. Wow wow wow it's mind blowing how quickly they grow and change in just one year!!! And to think, Harper girl will be joining the school day picture before we know it. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Father's Day 2015

Father's Day weekend was spent celebrating poolside! We had a great time making Bradley feel loved and extra special and he soaked up the fun with his kiddos. We sure are blessed to have him as the head of our house, the leader, and the bringer of fun!! We love you Brad! So honored to watch you as a daddy!!!

We also celebrated my dad! Such a kind hearted man with such passion for life! The love he has for his grandkids brings tears to my eyes! Thanks dad for being such a great Pop-pop. We sure do love you!!!


On June 6th, my 32nd birthday, Brad and I boarded an airplane on our way to beautiful Hawaii!!!! Oh my mercy. What an amazing opportunity and such a fun trip. Our 10 year wedding anniversary is this July, and we talked and talked about taking a big trip to celebrate all the amazing things we have conquered in 10 years of marriage!!! Boy oh boy, was this an amazing way to celebrate. Definitely a trip I will remember for the rest of my life! So beautiful and refreshing and relaxing. We were able to reconnect, laugh and have a good time together, just letting loose! The islands were simply breath taking. We did some sight seeing, busted Pearl Harbor, enjoyed a Segway tour of the North Shore, Brad went surfing and did amazing, we went to a luau, had an amazingly romantic dinner, enjoyed beautiful sunsets and spent hours relaxing by the pool. Amazing trip!!
By far the best trip of my life! Love these amazing memories I have with my hubby. Can't wait to start planning to go back to celebrate 20 years of marriage!!!!!!!


Monday, April 27, 2015

Paxton's Birthday Weekend

Whew. We had a super fun and equally exhausting weekend!!! Friday morning my best friend Sarah and her twin 3 year olds, Mason and Mallory, came to visit and celebrate Paxton's birthday! We hit the ground running as soon as they arrived. We took Mason, Mallory and Harper to the mall to play, ride a train, eat lunch, enjoy some dip n dots, and ride a carousel. Then we loaded the car and went to the science spectrum for some more fun!! Everyone was having such a good time that we stayed there for a while and I went and picked the boys up from school and took them to the science spectrum to meet up with the 3 little ones!!! We played and played there until we couldn't play any longer and then it was off for another adventure....dinner. Ha. Dinner in a resturant with 5 kiddos is no easy task, but we did it, we survived and we had a great time! We glanced over at another family/friends and their kiddos were old enough to have a kids table to eat while the grown ups enjoyed conversation and their own food. Ha. Soon enough we will be there too!!
Saturday we headed to McDonald's for breakfast and to let the kids play on the playground for a while (it was such a windy weekend, it was hard to find a lot of outside play time). The kiddos played for a good while and then we headed back home for more play time, lunch and rest time. We had to get everyone rested up for Paxton's bday party at Jump n jungle!!!!
Oh what a fun party Paxton had. There were 10 kiddos total. Most of them family and Sarah's kiddos, which, let's be honest, they are like family too!! Paxton had one buddy and his 2 year old brother  that he wanted to invite and boy oh boy did they have fun!!!! Paxton loved hanging out with his friend and they were a constant blur the entire evening. Running and playing together! It was so much fun!!! I hope I can remember the excitement Paxton had for the rest of my life! He was so happy and felt so loved by his family and friends!!!
Thanks again Sarah for making the trip for his party. I loved every minute getting to hang out with you and your precious kiddos!!!! 
Now, let me go hibernate for the next week to catch up from all the stimulation!!!

Yummy dip n dots!!

Sitting so patiently, watching cartoons while Sarah looked for shoes!!

Fun at the science spectrum 

The girls playing veterinarian!!

Two years ago, we took all 5 kiddos to the science spectrum for the first time!!! My oh my how quickly they grow up!!!

All the kiddos at Paxton's party!!

Paxton wanted a Super Mario Brothers party!! Grandmom Voda made a super cute cake and Gigi made delicious cookies! He felt pretty special!!!

Such a fun weekend celebrating 5 amazing years of Paxon James! 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Harper Girl

Because nothing says "I'm ready for t-ball" like a unicorn on your back!
Love this girl and all her motherly characteristics. I love that she so eagerly wants to keep up with the big boys, but she never strays from who she is! She will wrestle, play ball, run and gallop...all with a baby in her arms or near by (can you see the baby doll lying in the grass in the picture above). She is fierce and loving. Spunky and nurtureing! She is our Harper girl and oh how we love her!!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Fan Club

One thing I am learning about being a family of 5, is whenever a kid has a sporting event, they have a permanent fan club!!!

I know having siblings can be one of the most frustrating life encounters, but I pray the love they sometimes show to eachother will grow and grow into a bond that cannot be broken!!!!!

Brother let me be your shelter
I’ll never leave you all alone
I can be the one you call
When you’re low
Brother let me be your fortress
When the night winds are driving on
Be the one to light the way
Bring you home-NEEDTOBREATHE 

Paxton is 5

Paxton is 5! Wow. Just wow. Such a milestone age. No longer a toddler, and now an official big kid. He will finish up pre-school and we prep for kindergarten. He's a whole hand old now! These past five years have been such a ride, but I would have to say, watching him this past year, as he matured from the age of 4 to 5, has been my favorite (and equally exhausting). He is figuring out his emotions and how to express them without having full meltdowns. This takes a lot of maturity for a highly sensitive child! He has found his own sense of humor, and he has found a joy that can only be described as awe inspiring. Yes, he has moments of down right impatience, emotional outburst and such a stubborn personality, but even the most difficult of day doesn't compare to the most beautiful of days with him! He has the sweetest heart and loves to be around other people. He gives the best hugs...like, best hugs of all time! He gives his teacher a hug all throughout the day, and when he sees Maddox's teacher, and Maddox's kindergarten teacher he is eager to run and give them a big hug as well. It's hard to fully explain how beautiful this is unless you've walked this journey with us throughout the past 5 years. If you remember back to the times when Paxton was in total fear of anyone new. The door bell could ring and send Paxton into a fit of anxiety. Shaking and crying because he was so scared. Think back to his first year of Mother's Day out when his teacher had to carry him throughout the day because he would get so nervous about each transition. He is finding confidence. He has certainly found his voice and expresses just what and how he thinks a situation should go. He isn't afraid to express when he is unhappy, but that is met with the more beautiful character trait that is over enthusiastic and charismatic about new fun adventures. He is smart as a tack. I have no doubt that he will be reading by the end of this summer. He is the most detailed color-ER I have ever watched. He loves video games and is discovering a love for baseball.
Oh my Paxton, my love, you are a light in my life. I am truly honored to be your momma and to guide you throughout your life! I love you so much little man!!! I am so proud of the boy you are becoming!! I know some days are just so difficult and frustrating and I want you to know that I am always on your side, even when it's my job to make sure we get you back on track! I love how proud of yourself you are after a great day at school. I love you to the moon and back. I have a feeling, this year will be the best one yet!!!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2015


I walked into the kitchen to see this written/drawn on the tiny chalk board. Ha. Love this illustration, Maddox!!!

I took Harper to lunch the other day and she just sat across from me at a 2 person table, just like I would if I were having lunch with a girl friend!! It was too precious and she was certainly a topic of many people's conversation around us. At one point Harper said "these people keep looking at me!" Ha. Yes they do sweet girl, when you are this cute and well behaved you demand the attention of the entire room!!!

I love her more than she loves pink ice cream with sprinkles!

It is a rare sight to see the boys playing nicely together. Bless their hearts, the way they think and approach things are so different from eachother, it is often very very hard for them to work together!!  But at this particular time, they were making domino trains and knocking them over. The giggles were contagious and the ability to work together was a breath of fresh air for this weary momma!!

A ball player, his biggest fan, her tutu and her baby...the only thing that would make this picture any sweeter is if big brother were in it too!!!

Baby sister problems: this is what happens after a day of basketball and t-ball games....little sister falls sound asleep with a sucker in her hand! Bless her soul, she sure is a trooper!

Finishing off a fun and busy day with a fun dinner at Texas Roadhouse!!! So blessed to live this life with these three kiddos and their super handsome daddy!!!