Saturday, April 18, 2015


I walked into the kitchen to see this written/drawn on the tiny chalk board. Ha. Love this illustration, Maddox!!!

I took Harper to lunch the other day and she just sat across from me at a 2 person table, just like I would if I were having lunch with a girl friend!! It was too precious and she was certainly a topic of many people's conversation around us. At one point Harper said "these people keep looking at me!" Ha. Yes they do sweet girl, when you are this cute and well behaved you demand the attention of the entire room!!!

I love her more than she loves pink ice cream with sprinkles!

It is a rare sight to see the boys playing nicely together. Bless their hearts, the way they think and approach things are so different from eachother, it is often very very hard for them to work together!!  But at this particular time, they were making domino trains and knocking them over. The giggles were contagious and the ability to work together was a breath of fresh air for this weary momma!!

A ball player, his biggest fan, her tutu and her baby...the only thing that would make this picture any sweeter is if big brother were in it too!!!

Baby sister problems: this is what happens after a day of basketball and t-ball games....little sister falls sound asleep with a sucker in her hand! Bless her soul, she sure is a trooper!

Finishing off a fun and busy day with a fun dinner at Texas Roadhouse!!! So blessed to live this life with these three kiddos and their super handsome daddy!!!

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