Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter 2015

We had a wonderful Easter weekend, filled with fun family time, egg hunts with cousins and most importantly discussing the amazing gift we were given with Christ's death and resurrection! I love hearing the Easter story out of the mouths of our children. Maddox is pretty dang impressive with his knowledge of Christ's death, including when Peter denied knowing Jesus three times. Paxton can explain the Easter story as well. He fixates on the part of "some BAD guys wanted to kill Jesus. So they did even though Jesus didn't do anything wrong!" And little miss Harper Grace will enthusiastically exclaim "Jesus died" (picture her saying this with a pouty face). Then she will say "but Jesus live in my heart". Yes baby girl.
Such a precious time listening to the kiddos share what they know about Christ!!
We started the celebrations with an egg hunt at my sweet Granny's assisted living place! This has become one of my favorite Easter traditions, I love seeing how proud granny gets seeing her great grand kids!
Sunday morning we woke up and had out own Bible study at the house. (Maddox was still not feeling 100% and Paxton and Harper were both stating their tummies hurt). I truly loved this time with the kids. Brad read the story of Christ's death and resurrection and then the kiddos talked about it! I loved knowing they knew exactly what we were celebrating! 
After that we went to my mom's house for lunch and a day spent with family. After a wonderful lunch, we had an egg hunt! Super fun! We numbered the eggs 1-5 and assigned each kiddo a number, they had to make sure to only get their number on the egg. This makes the egg hunt easier with the variety of age groups with the cousins. 
(Maddox got so super hot while going on a long scooter ride! He had to loose the shirt and sweater!! Funny enough, all the kiddos ended up in their swimsuits playing in the bouncy house with the water hose. Ha)

I am so blessed to get to be the momma of these three angles!!

Happy Easter from the Kalivoda family!! 

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