Monday, April 27, 2015

Paxton's Birthday Weekend

Whew. We had a super fun and equally exhausting weekend!!! Friday morning my best friend Sarah and her twin 3 year olds, Mason and Mallory, came to visit and celebrate Paxton's birthday! We hit the ground running as soon as they arrived. We took Mason, Mallory and Harper to the mall to play, ride a train, eat lunch, enjoy some dip n dots, and ride a carousel. Then we loaded the car and went to the science spectrum for some more fun!! Everyone was having such a good time that we stayed there for a while and I went and picked the boys up from school and took them to the science spectrum to meet up with the 3 little ones!!! We played and played there until we couldn't play any longer and then it was off for another adventure....dinner. Ha. Dinner in a resturant with 5 kiddos is no easy task, but we did it, we survived and we had a great time! We glanced over at another family/friends and their kiddos were old enough to have a kids table to eat while the grown ups enjoyed conversation and their own food. Ha. Soon enough we will be there too!!
Saturday we headed to McDonald's for breakfast and to let the kids play on the playground for a while (it was such a windy weekend, it was hard to find a lot of outside play time). The kiddos played for a good while and then we headed back home for more play time, lunch and rest time. We had to get everyone rested up for Paxton's bday party at Jump n jungle!!!!
Oh what a fun party Paxton had. There were 10 kiddos total. Most of them family and Sarah's kiddos, which, let's be honest, they are like family too!! Paxton had one buddy and his 2 year old brother  that he wanted to invite and boy oh boy did they have fun!!!! Paxton loved hanging out with his friend and they were a constant blur the entire evening. Running and playing together! It was so much fun!!! I hope I can remember the excitement Paxton had for the rest of my life! He was so happy and felt so loved by his family and friends!!!
Thanks again Sarah for making the trip for his party. I loved every minute getting to hang out with you and your precious kiddos!!!! 
Now, let me go hibernate for the next week to catch up from all the stimulation!!!

Yummy dip n dots!!

Sitting so patiently, watching cartoons while Sarah looked for shoes!!

Fun at the science spectrum 

The girls playing veterinarian!!

Two years ago, we took all 5 kiddos to the science spectrum for the first time!!! My oh my how quickly they grow up!!!

All the kiddos at Paxton's party!!

Paxton wanted a Super Mario Brothers party!! Grandmom Voda made a super cute cake and Gigi made delicious cookies! He felt pretty special!!!

Such a fun weekend celebrating 5 amazing years of Paxon James! 

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