Monday, March 29, 2010


I cannot believe it is already Wednesday....gosh, time just seems to just fly by....especially when you are having fun. We had a fun and eventful weekend that I guess we are still catching up from. Friday evening, we started the weekend off right by celebrating my brother's 30th birthday (happy birthday Jason...or as Maddox liked to call you "Grayson") It was a surprise party at my mom and Paul's house and boy, was he surprised. He knew the family was going to be there...but his lovely wife, Kameron, did a great job secretly inviting his friends and we all had a great time celebrating 3 decades of Jason!!! Saturday, the festivities continued as we celebrated with Jason and his friend Jeff (who's birthday is the day after Jason's) and played games and just visited for the afternoon. Maddox loved being around all the "big boys" (the grown ups) and watching all the little girls play (Jason and Kameron's friends who have babies are all of course Maddox was the only was pretty funny because he called all of the girls "Mollie" (well, actually he calls Mollie, "Wallie" so all the girls there were "Wallie") and he would just watch them and then get a little bored and go find some dirt to play Saturday evening, Brad and I went to church then on to my dad and step-mom's house and enjoyed dinner with my grandma, aunt and uncle who live in New Mexico. (They kept Maddox for us while we went to church, so they could play with him and enjoy extra time with the crazy boy and also to prevent him from having to be in the church nursery and risk being exposed to some nasty virus again...thank you guys again for playing with him) When we got back to there house after church, my dad had made a slide for Maddox in the back yard...I so wish I would have gotten a picture of it...he set up a folding table long ways and propped it up with something to make it the perfect slide for Maddox...oh that boy LOVED it and thought it was so fun!!!

Sunday, we woke up, had our usual McDonald's breakfast (Maddox of course enjoyed his "can-cakes" with Daddy) and back to the house we went to clean out our storage barn and garage. I say "we" but really it was all Brad...I mean seriously, I am huge pregnant and can't even pick up my own am I really going to help move stuff around....but I cheered Brad on as the clutter disappeared and our garage became clean and organized....Thanks Brad for all your hard work, it sure does look great!! After Maddox's nap on Sunday, we met up with our friends, Jason and Tara and their little 3 year old boy Spencer. We took the boys to the park and let them run, slide, swing, and play there little boy hearts out! It is so much fun watching them interact together...and I love the time us "grown-ups" have to talk about life and all the changes about to happen for the both of us....they are pregnant with a little girl due in we will have 2 sets of young ones very close in will be fun to grow our families together!! was a busy weekend full of wind, love, celebration, friends and family!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Paxton Update

We had another routine Doctor's visit on Wednesday for Mr. Paxton. His heartbeat sounded the 150' weight gain and blood pressure all look fine. They measured my uterus to see if the baby is growing on target (they can measure from the top of my pelvis to the top of my uterus and it should match up in centimeters as to how far along we are....we were almost 33 weeks, so it should measure 33cm) This trick is how they used to do it "back in the day" to just make sure everything was matching up...before they had all the fancy ultrasound machines and such. So far in this pregnancy as well as with Maddox, I have matched up cm/week the 'T'. However, this time, little Paxton was only measuring at about 31cm...this is nothing to be alarmed about...the Doctor said as long as it is within 2 cm or so, they aren't at all concerned about it. Well, of course, my mind is a little concerned simply because at our last ultrasound they were mildly concerned that he was not growing as quickly.....we will wait for our ultrasound on April 12th and they will make sure he is growing strong and healthy (which I am sure he is....he is just giving me a little bit of a break and not making it to the 10 pound mark and for that I am grateful..haha)
Exciting news as well...I asked our Doctor about inducing with this little one (as most of you know I am a "planner" and with a 2 year old added in the mix, if I could have a little bit of "control" on this situation, it would make things much easier) She said, she had no problem inducing since everything went fine with Maddox and my body has already proven itself. Therefore, we are looking at around May 5, 2010 to have this little one...unless I go into to labor naturally, on my own before then (which, my dear friend Sarah believes is what is going to happen). It is a very strange feeling to have a date picked to plan for this little one..I pray we make it to that day, I can be induced, everything goes smoothly and we have a safe and healthy deli every with a super healthy baby boy!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

San Diego

Dear San Diego/Coronado California,
Oh how we miss you already. We had such a wonderful time visiting and enjoyed all you had to offer us. We loved the beautiful weather, ocean views, sand between our toes, the zoo and LegoLand, just to name a few. Thank you for your wonderful accommodations and your hospitality, we are already looking forward to visiting you again sometime soon. Our precious son LOVED your beaches (along with your rocks...I mean, seriously, he is 2...what more can a little guy ask for...freedom to run and play and a ton of rocks to throw...he was in little boy heaven.) Our unborn and growing little one seemed to really enjoy your environment as well because he did not give us a single problem while we were there (no contractions!!!) And of course all of us grown ups soaked up as much of your sun as we could, loved the scenery, your delicious foods (Brad loved your seafood) and the ability to get away from the norm here in the LBK.
Thanks again for all you did for us while we visited...we are forever grateful for the memories you provided our family! We look forward to another adventure in Sunny California sometime soon!! We have attached some of our favorite pictures as a token of our appreciation...we hope you can see the joy on all of our faces as we enjoyed your beautiful city!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Enjoying a walk in town and a little "mommy and me" time!!

Ready for a dip in the pool!!

Touring the USS Midway

Enjoying the beautiful Hotel

Loving the Zoo

Amazed at LegoLand

Soaking up some sun and admiring the beautiful ocean

Thank you again sunny San Diego for such an amazing trip! As you can tell, we LOVED it!!
Brad, Lacye and Maddox Kalivoda (along with Gigi, Papa and baby Paxton)

Saturday, March 13, 2010


My friend Jocelyn tagged me in this fun little game. Here are the rules:

1. Open your first photo folder on your computer.
2. Scroll to the tenth picture.
3. Post that picture and the story behind it.
4. Tag five or more people.
Okay, so here is the picture:

This picture came from a folder titled "Brad and Lacye 3-12-2007 (right at 3 years ago). We were celebrating Brad's 25th birthday. We were childless, and relatively care-free (well as care-free as Brad and I ever We went to dinner and then to a wine bar here in the Lbk. Jason and Kameron joined us for the fun as we celebrated another year of the great and wonderful Bradley! Oh how young we look and how skinny my face much more "fluffy" these days with my added baby weight (or that is what I am going to blame it on at least).
This was a fun's always entertaining to look back at older pictures and remember "back in the day".

Okay, so now I tag:
Aunt Kim

I am glad this picture was one from Brad's birthday 3 years ago, because I was needing to do a post for Brad's current birthday, which was yesterday. Happy 28th Birthday Hubby. Maddox and I love you so much and we are so proud of you. Thank you for all the hard work you put in for our family and the amazing example you set for Maddox (and soon for Mr. Paxton as well). Thank you for your never ending sense of humor, your smarts, your handsome looks, your ability to conquer anything that is thrown your way, the love you have for your family and my family as well. Thank you for your patience, your desire to guide our family to Christ and your love. You are an amazing man and I am so blessed to have you as my husband!! I cannot believe this is the 8th birthday I have had the priveledge to celebrate with you...I am looking forward to many many more to come!! Happy Birthday Brad!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Contractions Contractions

Contractions, Contractions, please go away!
Contractions Contractions, you are not welcome to stay!
Contractions Contractions, you need to find a different plan!
You make me anxious and my husband a nervous man!
Contractions Contractions, please be calm and meek
you can do your job in 8 short weeks!
Contractions Contractions, you are making me crazy
and this medicine I take sure makes everything look hazy!
Contractions Contractions, it sure has been "fun"
but please go away so I can go soak up some sun!!!

Thank you dear ol contractions for listening to this poem! Please leave Paxton and I alone for a few more weeks. We will welcome you back in due time...but for now, I need you to pack up your stuff, take your cramping, uterus controlling ways and get the heck out of here!!
Thanks so much!!
The lady you are making crazy....ME!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Paxton Update

We had an ultrasound and doctors appointment on Wednesday to take a little peek at little Paxton. The ultrasound went well....Paxton is relatively active (I say "relatively" because he is not nearly as active as Maddox was in the womb, but he is certainly moving around plenty and loves to kick my ribs with those precious feet of his...although, it's not as precious in the middle of the night when I get a strong kick in the rib However, he has dropped a little in size (he was in the 43rd percentile last ultrasound in January and he is now in the 23rd percentile) therefore, we will have another ultrasound in April to just make sure he is growing properly. I asked our doctor how concerned I needed to be about this and she calmed my nerves and said as long as he continues to gain about a half a pound a week from now until I deliever, he will be about the size Maddox was (7lbs4oz) which is great. If he were to stay in the 43rd percentile we are looking at a 10 pound baby....can we say OUCH!!! They just want to make sure he does not drop down any further in percentile...if he does, they will start monitoring the plecenta and other areas to make sure he is getting all the nourishment he needs. Once again, we are so thankful for a healthy, growing, little one and we continue to pray that this pregnancy goes sure has been different and has given us a lot more to "monitor".
Great news though...the doctor said everything is looking good and my body is hanging in there; therefore, I get to go to San Diego with my boys....ahhh..I am so excited and thankful for a wonderful opportunity for one last trip, the 3 of us (with GiGi and Papa of course) before the little one arrives!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

26 Months

Today the Madd-man is 26 months old....gosh, I cannot believe how fast he is growing up and how much he changes every single day. He talks SO much these days (I am still his interpreter for the most part because it is still pretty hard to understand ALL that he says...but he certainly tries to inform you of EVERYTHING he has done, is thinking about, sees around him, or wants to do) We laugh and laugh at this little man all the time..he is so funny, fun spirited, loving, smart, and can figure anything out if you show him one time! We love this big boy so much and are so thankful for the joy he brings our family.

Here are 26 things the Madd-man is up to these days:

Loves to help me clean out the dishwasher....puts up his plastic bowls, silverware and the plastic cooking utensils.
Always wants to  help put the clothes in the washing machine.
Dances to his own tune....any tune out there!!! This kid loves to dance and "sing"
He will repeat ANYTHING he hears (there are no secrets around this house)
Still has such a deep bond with his beloved Raffi (his lovey)...currently he has learned to put Raffi down for a nap, feed him his snack and even put Raffi in time-out if he has gotten a litte out of control..hahha
Has become such a great napper and bedtime sleeper
Listens and obeys really well and understands if he does not there will be a consequence
Loves to play cars
Wants lots of hugs from mommy throughout the day (I LOVE this)
Understands other people's feelings (sometimes he will even ask Raffi "Whats wrong Raffi? Oh it will be okay")
Learning how to feed himself so well without making a huge mess
Currently discovered an interesting laugh when he is being silly (its super loud and shreeking... hurts our ears a little)
Still loves those fruit snacks
Has mastered the art of barganing...."one more time" or "one more...thats it" are a couple phrases we hear all throughout the day
"No, Maddox do it"-a phrase we hear ALL day because he is becoming so independent
"No, Mommy do it"-a phrase that is often spoken because he is so attached to me and often only wants my help, especially if he is tired or cranky at all...he does not want anyone else to help him and gets very upset if they try (again, usually if he is tired or cranky)
Such a big boy-Maddox climbs into the car by himself and can get himself into his carseat (such a huge help as I am not supposed to lift this big boy these days)
Such a smart boy- he knows ALL of his letters and can spell his name (when we help him). If his name is spelled somewhere, he knows all the letters together spell "Maddox"
So polite. He knows when to say "please", "thank you" "sorry" and now says "excuse me please" in order to get your attention (much more polite than "momma ,hey...momma, hey" hahhah)
Loves to play chase with daddy
Can count to 20 (if HE wants to)
Knows his "left hand" and his "right hand"
Wants to share his snacks...."here one for Mommy" followed by " for Maddox" (super cute...if YOU get one, then HE for sure has to have one)
Enjoys talking on the phone. Asks to call daddy at work and wants to talk to grandparents at anytime throughout the day.
Knows to pick up his toys and is such a big helper
Such a loving little boy. I love the stage he is in right now and his attitude has been such a joy the last few days!!

Thank you Mr. Maddox for your hugs, laughter, fun spirit, eagerness to learn, unconditional love, ability to listen and obey and your desire to make people laugh! We love you so much!!

Here is Maddox 2 years ago today, only 2 months old. Look how huge he was for 2 months old!! Sweet smile!

Here is the Madd-man one year ago at 14 months

And here is the Madd-man NOW! 26 months old...gosh, I can't believe how fast time has gone!! 

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Paxton's Room

Whew...what a busy and productive weekend!! Paxton's room is offically finished and I am so excited. It turned out exactly as I had pictured in my head. Our good friends Dusty and Sarah travelled from Midland to help us out. Thank you guys so much for your help, your laughter and your friendship this weekend...this project would have taken us FOREVER without you guys!! I would also like to thank my precious mom for keeping Maddox for us this weekend so that we could focus and he could have a great time with his GiGi and PaPa. Thank you guys so much for entertaining Maddox (he has not stopped talking about the car wash and how much fun he had with you guys)
I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders now that Paxton's room is complete....I have gone in there several times just to sit and attempt to soak up the very real fact that we will have another little boy here before we know it!
Paxton, we may not know you yet, but we know we love are new beginnings, new life. Family....the gift of tomorrow belongs to you!

Brad has been amazing during this entire process. He knows how important getting this room finished and "perfect" has been to me and he has just been so sweet and helpful to spend his weekend off of worki helping me get our little boys room painted, furniture moved and curtains hung!! Brad, I cannot wait to watch you wrestle with our two little boys. You never cease to amaze me and I am so proud to be your wife! I love you so much!!
Maddox, you are already showing signs that you are going to be an amazing big brother. I love to watch you find toys you think Paxton will want to play with. You are growing up so much and you are turning into a wonderful helper! We love you very much and we are so proud of the little boy you are becoming. You are going to be a great big brother, but you will always be my baby boy!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Cannot Sleep

I cannot sleep. My back hurts. My mind will not stop wandering from all that I need to do to get Paxton's room ready, to how frustrated I am that I cannot keep the house as clean as I would like without giving myself contractions, to what all I need to prepare for us to travel to San Diego, to I hope I still get to go to San Diego, to do I really have to have Maddox's birth certificate to show "proof of age" when we fly? Why do they need his "proof of age" He has his own ticket, he's NOT traveling alone, what difference would it make if he were 2, 3 or 4 years old. I just don't get it. If anything, wouldn't you want something to "prove" that he is MY kid, that I am not trying to travel with a child that was not mine.
I wonder if I will go full term with this little one...I feel like my body is having a hard time keeping up with the needs of this little one. Then I wonder if Dr. Burley will induce and everything go as smoothly as it did with Maddox. If induction is a possiblity how soon will she induce? I wonder what I would do if my water broke and I was out and about with Maddox (bet you he would try to find a towel and "clean it up") I worry how Maddox will transition from only child to Big Brother. He has been so clingy to me lately and only wants "Mommy do it". He gets fiesty at other people at times and only wants me to help him. I know it is a phase, but I don't know how to help him realize that other people can help him at times.
I wonder who Paxton will look like. The 3-D ultrasound pictures when compaired to Maddox's at the same gestational time look almost identical (it is so hard to really tell anything from those 3-D pictures because they are so freaky looking) but they have the same mouth, nose and chin. I wonder what his personality will be like....will he be a "thinker" like Maddox? Will he have a hard time sleeping or have a milk allergy? Will I be able to nurse this little one?
How long will it take for things to feel "normal" in our family after adding a new little one to the mix? What can I do to help Brad and Maddox feel loved and special during this transitional time?
I wonder how much longer I can keep all of this up. I am trying to have a postitive outlook and keep my spirits high, but I feel like junk most days. I am exhausted. I have contractions more frequently than I like to make others believe. I cramp a lot. My back and hips hurt worse than I have ever experienced and over all I just feel pretty lousy. I feel like I am letting Maddox down because I cannot pick him up and I run out of energy so quickly. I feel like I let Brad down because I cannot keep up with my daily chores and I am way more needy than usualy (and God knows, I am naturally pretty needy). I feel like I let myself down because I should be enjoying this glorious experience being pregnant and I am just to the point where I am so uncomfortable, tired, anxious and nervous....I feel like I let Paxton down because my body keeps trying to send itself into pre-term labor. Gosh, I just want to make everything perfect for those around me and I have to realize there is just so much I cannot control.
My boys know I love them more than anything and I am doing the best I can. They support me, love me and encourage me. I am very blessed!

Sorry this was so much wonder I cannot mind is full!