Sunday, March 7, 2010

Paxton's Room

Whew...what a busy and productive weekend!! Paxton's room is offically finished and I am so excited. It turned out exactly as I had pictured in my head. Our good friends Dusty and Sarah travelled from Midland to help us out. Thank you guys so much for your help, your laughter and your friendship this weekend...this project would have taken us FOREVER without you guys!! I would also like to thank my precious mom for keeping Maddox for us this weekend so that we could focus and he could have a great time with his GiGi and PaPa. Thank you guys so much for entertaining Maddox (he has not stopped talking about the car wash and how much fun he had with you guys)
I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders now that Paxton's room is complete....I have gone in there several times just to sit and attempt to soak up the very real fact that we will have another little boy here before we know it!
Paxton, we may not know you yet, but we know we love are new beginnings, new life. Family....the gift of tomorrow belongs to you!

Brad has been amazing during this entire process. He knows how important getting this room finished and "perfect" has been to me and he has just been so sweet and helpful to spend his weekend off of worki helping me get our little boys room painted, furniture moved and curtains hung!! Brad, I cannot wait to watch you wrestle with our two little boys. You never cease to amaze me and I am so proud to be your wife! I love you so much!!
Maddox, you are already showing signs that you are going to be an amazing big brother. I love to watch you find toys you think Paxton will want to play with. You are growing up so much and you are turning into a wonderful helper! We love you very much and we are so proud of the little boy you are becoming. You are going to be a great big brother, but you will always be my baby boy!!


MaryAnn said...

Love Love Love the room and you guys. Thanks for letting us have Maddox this weekend.

Kameron and Jason Fellers said...

It looks amazing!!!!! Good job!!!! Paxton will LOVE It!!!!

The Boyers said...

cute room! i love the strip with the P above his crib....he will be here so soon!!!

lkalivoda said...

Mom-thank you so much! I cant wait for you to see it in person!! Thank YOU for keeping was such a huge help to us and I know Maddox had way more fun with you than he would have here with us!!
Kam-Thank you!! We sure hope Paxton will Love it...we know that we do!
Boyers-I cant believe how quickly he will be here...still blows my mind that we are just 2 months away at the most!! How is sweet, active little Levi??