Friday, August 30, 2013

Red and Black

It's that time of year again, the weather gets cooler, the nights get shorter, and the weekends are filled with college football games!!!
Put on your red and your black, get your guns up and let's get ready for some football!! Texas Tech football that is!!! 

Tech football will always hold a very special place in my heart. I met and fell in love with my amazing husband at a Texas Tech football game and we got engaged at the exact place we first met, which was on a curb outside the stadium. Such a special place in our lives and now to see our 3 beautiful children completely decked out in Tech attire brings chills to my bones and tears to my eyes!!!

Fight Raiders Fight!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Today we hit the biggest milestone since I have been a mommy. Yes, walking, talking, sleeping all night, eating with a fork, potty training are all important but it seems as though all of those milestones are in preparation for the big one: kindergarten!!! Our sweet, smart, handsome, wiggly tooth, getting too big 5 year old boy started kindergarten today!! He was ecstatic and marched into his classroom as though he owned the place. He eagerly greeted his teacher, politely put his lunch box and back pack away and found his seat. He immediately began chatting it up with his newest friend in his class and squeezed in a quick picture for us before he unspokenly requested that we scoot on out of the class!!! I cannot wait to hear all about the journey he went on today!
Yes, my heart ached a little as I walked out the door leaving my big boy at school, but knowing how excited he was certainly made it a lot easier!!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


He has worn his last toddler shoe, the next shoes we purchase will be in single digit sizes. He is in the last shirt and pant size on the "little kid" side and we will be crossing that line to big boy shirts, pants and shoes. He no longer desires to take a bath, instead he marches into the shower and no longer needs any assistance from his momma. He is learning to read. He is getting tall and lean and no longer has any baby boy facial features. He is our big guy. He is five. And HE is starting Kindergarten next week!!!

What the what!? Wasn't it just yesterday that I took him to his first mother's day out program and I cried like a baby in the car and drove back up to his school to "spy" on him from the parking lot as he played outside? And as nervous as I was for him on his first day, it was then that we realized how sweet his heart was, how much he desired to please his teachers and how easy he adapted to new social settings. If ever that was a child created for the school environment, it is this guy!! He loves learning, he loves people and he is just a social little man. He is ready. 

Maddox at age 2.5 ready for his first day of mother's day out

that bag, and his shorts were as big as he was

While, he is ready.....I most certainly am not.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Paying Attention

If you ask Maddox what he wants to do when he grows up, he will quickly respond with "I want to paint cars with Uncle Austin." Aunt Kim and Uncle Austin run a body shop called Jenkins Custom and Collision. Maddox LOVES it there and is always asking to paint something. The last time they kept him, Uncle Austin set up some paper on the wall for Maddox to paint. You can tell from watching this video how intently he watches Uncle Austin and it was pretty impressive to me. 

Apparently, when he finished painting this paper, Maddox confidently said "You want to know why that looks so good? Because I was paying attention to what I was doing!" Hahahah. According to Uncle Austin, that is the new saying around the shop when they finish up a car they step back and say "You want to know why that looks so good? Because I was paying attention to what I was doing!" 

Great job Maddox!! Way to pay attention!!
Thanks again Uncle Austin for being so patient with Maddox and giving him the opportunity to paint with you! 

Thursday, August 8, 2013


This picture is pure cuteness overload!!! My sweet little girly girl hanging with her brother sporting the baseball cap and her chubby little legs!!! The sweetness doesn't stop there, Maddox was playing with her and smothering her with hugs, toys and words of affirmation! Be still my heart! These two are going to be such great friends throughout the years. The kindness, patience and pure love that Maddox shows her on a daily basis is proof that he will make an amazing husband someday. He is such a tender hearted little man, full of spunk and spirit. Not everyday is easy, but I sure do love my days with our three amazing kiddos. So blessed to watch the different qualities they bring our family!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Alone Time

Our fabulous Aunt Kim and Uncle Austin have graciously taken Maddox in for the last two days and have spoiled him with awesome one on one attention, a chance to paint at Uncle Austin's shop, a trip to the movies and lots and lots of love and attention! While he is living it up, I have the chance to focus on the two little ones!!! Everyone thrives when they get one on one attention!! Paxton LOVES his time when he gets to go to Kim and Austin's but he also really enjoys getting to be the biggest at the house with me and Harper. He talks ALL the time and is oh so loving, especially when he isn't having to compete with Maddox.
Paxton and Harper have played well together and Paxton even informed me today that he "really really loves his sister". Awe just melt me. I think this was the first time he has out of the blue made a comment like that. He usually gets annoyed at her because she doesn't seem to respect his personal space!!!

Smiling before heading into the Science Spectrum
Oh Harper. I pray you never loose that sense of wonder and excitement!

Sweet siblings ready for the Science Spectrum

Love the way Harper is looking at Pax

This picture is best captioned "Harper, STOP touching"

Little Blondies at work
Thanks again Kim and Austin for loving on Maddox. You guys are the best!! 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Malone Family Reunion 2013

This past weekend we had our annual Malone Family Reunion. We had so much fun spending time as a family and watching all the little ones play, swim and interact together. 

Breakfast at the "big kid" table 

Harper showing off her walking skills

Henley playing

Harper, Kyndall and Henley playing together

Kyndall and Paxton painting

Harper and Gigi. Oh silly girl and your silly faces!!

The view for most of the weekend. Everyone loved hanging out in the pool. So much fun

Maddox got brave and let Brad and cousin Adam throw him in the pool. (Thanks again Adam for being so great to Maddox. He loved hanging out with you)

WOW. that is really high

Cannon Ball

Oh pretty girl loves the water. 

Kayley hiding in the waterfall


Daddy's girl

Kyndall, Mollie, Paxton and Maddox

Run Batman, Run!!

Kayley, Raegan, and Brad

Lining up for a race. Harper had a head start

Beautiful little walker

Excuse me, I "mustache" you a question


Hey there handsome

Look at how stunning Maddy's eyes are

Maddox patiently waiting to go swim (sheesh, can't believe he starts Kindergarten in a few weeks)

The crew hanging out in the front yard

Watching the kiddos play

Kyndall got SO brave in the water. Here she is jumping to her momma!! Way to go Kyndall


Pool babies. Front row: Maddy (16 months), Harper (13months), Henley (13months)
Standing: Kyndall (age 3), Paxton (age 3) Leah (age 4), Mollie (age 4), Maddox (age 5)

We had such a fantastic time and I look forward to getting together again next year!!!