Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Alone Time

Our fabulous Aunt Kim and Uncle Austin have graciously taken Maddox in for the last two days and have spoiled him with awesome one on one attention, a chance to paint at Uncle Austin's shop, a trip to the movies and lots and lots of love and attention! While he is living it up, I have the chance to focus on the two little ones!!! Everyone thrives when they get one on one attention!! Paxton LOVES his time when he gets to go to Kim and Austin's but he also really enjoys getting to be the biggest at the house with me and Harper. He talks ALL the time and is oh so loving, especially when he isn't having to compete with Maddox.
Paxton and Harper have played well together and Paxton even informed me today that he "really really loves his sister". Awe just melt me. I think this was the first time he has out of the blue made a comment like that. He usually gets annoyed at her because she doesn't seem to respect his personal space!!!

Smiling before heading into the Science Spectrum
Oh Harper. I pray you never loose that sense of wonder and excitement!

Sweet siblings ready for the Science Spectrum

Love the way Harper is looking at Pax

This picture is best captioned "Harper, STOP touching"

Little Blondies at work
Thanks again Kim and Austin for loving on Maddox. You guys are the best!! 

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