Thursday, August 22, 2013


Today we hit the biggest milestone since I have been a mommy. Yes, walking, talking, sleeping all night, eating with a fork, potty training are all important but it seems as though all of those milestones are in preparation for the big one: kindergarten!!! Our sweet, smart, handsome, wiggly tooth, getting too big 5 year old boy started kindergarten today!! He was ecstatic and marched into his classroom as though he owned the place. He eagerly greeted his teacher, politely put his lunch box and back pack away and found his seat. He immediately began chatting it up with his newest friend in his class and squeezed in a quick picture for us before he unspokenly requested that we scoot on out of the class!!! I cannot wait to hear all about the journey he went on today!
Yes, my heart ached a little as I walked out the door leaving my big boy at school, but knowing how excited he was certainly made it a lot easier!!!

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Hayes Fam ♥ said...

I will be right there with you on Monday :( Where have our babies gone?