Monday, August 27, 2012


My sweet spunky Maddox,
He loves Karate.
He loves to show off his new found Karate skills taught to him by his daddy.
He loves to run thoughout the house as fast as he can pretending to be a super hero saving the day.
He loves to ride his bike.
He loves his daddy.
He loves his brother.
He does not love when his brother won't do what he wants him to do
He loves to go on adventures
He loves to go camping, fishing and exploring

 I would have to say though, at the top of the list of things he loves right now, is his precious baby sister!
Today, he was helping me by giving Harper Grace her pacifier. Once said paci was in her mouth, she gave the sweetest little grin. When I informed Maddox that she was smiling at him, he joyfully proclaimed "OH MOMMY!!! This is the best day EVER!!"
He loves to run, jump, dig and play but most of all he loves his sister and I adore that about my oldest little man!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Newborn Pictures

 She is tiny. She is perfect. She is beautiful. Just see for yourself.

A few of Harper's Newborn Pictures

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Girl Time

There are random times throughout the day when I have to stop and catch my breath because I am reminded that this precious little one I am tending too all day is in fact my DAUGHTER.  I realize that may sound silly, I mean, how could I possibly forget that I have a daughter. I feed her, bathe her, clothe her, snuggle her, rock her, swaddle her and provide everything possible for this tiny little girl. However, sometimes I get in the routine of doing all the things necessary for a newborn and I get the fun gentle reminders that I have all the pink, tutus, and ruffles along with the tonka trucks, race cars, and super hero garb. I was watching the women's gymnastics on the Olympics and I began to get teary because I was getting to experience that with my very own daughter.  I began to picture Harper in dance or gymnastics (if she wants to) and it made me so excited for the opportunity to experience all things girly. After we had the boys we were fairly certain we were finished having babies, and boy oh boy am I thankful that God's plans were different than my own. I am thankful for the dirt bikes, mud stains and loud noises that accompany my boys as well. I honestly feel like the luckiest girl because I get to experience both! So thankful the Lord blessed us with this precious little girl. 
Oh, and her brothers are pretty smitten with her as well!!