Monday, August 27, 2012


My sweet spunky Maddox,
He loves Karate.
He loves to show off his new found Karate skills taught to him by his daddy.
He loves to run thoughout the house as fast as he can pretending to be a super hero saving the day.
He loves to ride his bike.
He loves his daddy.
He loves his brother.
He does not love when his brother won't do what he wants him to do
He loves to go on adventures
He loves to go camping, fishing and exploring

 I would have to say though, at the top of the list of things he loves right now, is his precious baby sister!
Today, he was helping me by giving Harper Grace her pacifier. Once said paci was in her mouth, she gave the sweetest little grin. When I informed Maddox that she was smiling at him, he joyfully proclaimed "OH MOMMY!!! This is the best day EVER!!"
He loves to run, jump, dig and play but most of all he loves his sister and I adore that about my oldest little man!!

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