Thursday, September 19, 2013

Harper Talking

Baby girl is starting to talk just a bit and she has the sweetest little voice!

Harper saying "HI" while we waited at the doctor's office 

Harper saying "Thank You" after I handed her a drink while we waited on Maddox at school

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Can he fix it

Our dishwasher broke and its been quite the hassle to fix it. First it takes a special set of screw drivers to get the door taken apart, so a special to trip the hardware store to purchase special screw drivers was needed. Found the problem, Brad the handy man fixes the dishwasher. Cheering occurred!! Then the door wouldn't close all the way to the dishwasher which wouldn't allow the dishwasher to turn on.  Those same screw drivers were needed once again. Brad searched high and low and could not find where he placed all 10 screw drivers of all different sizes. How strange. We searched, we searched, we cursed and searched some more and still couldn't find the darn screw drivers. Another trip to the hardware store, special screw drivers purchased again and now we have a working dishwasher!!! Hooray!!! (I will personally put these special screw drivers away....momma's tired of hand washing dishes)

I love watching Brad fix things with our crew watching his every move (and asking a billion questions along the way) There isn't anything Brad and his posse can't fix!!! 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Sharing is Caring (But not always)

These two are like peas and carrots!!! They both light up when they see each other, they laugh the hardest when playing together, and they hug the sweetest when hugging each other! 
I guess, those who play together are bound to share the stomach bug as well!! Poor babies are pretty puny with a nasty little virus. Here's to hoping that as crummy as Paxton shares these days that he will stay true to himself and not share this bug either. Feel better my precious babies!!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Great Day

When Paxton started Mother's Day Out last year, he had such a hard time adjusting to the new surroundings. Anything new would be so hard for him. He cried off and on most of the day for weeks. It was so so hard to watch and wonder if I was doing the right thing for him! Luckily, a few weeks into the program, he got a new teacher, Mrs. Randee, and she was fantastic. She loved Paxton as though he were her own and guided him through the "School day" process. He flourished there. He began talking up a storm and he started to enjoy his days at school. 

This year as we have started PreSchool 3, he LOVES school. He marches in, puts his backpack up and shows very little anxiety about the entire process. He is still a little shy, but once he finds something to play with, he is good to go with a hug and a quick kiss goodbye!! I am so proud of the progress he has made and continues to make everyday. He has become such a social little man (when he wants to be). He knows to shake someones hand and introduce himself and he waves hello to random people all the time. 

When I picked him up today, his afternoon teacher said he did great and was very helpful. He even folded up his own nap mat (it looked like a giant blob, but hey, he did it himself and who is to correct that!) and he even put on his own shoes (on the wrong feet, but heck, putting on shoes is tough work!). He was sitting reading a book as I entered the room and was such a happy little guy!
I cannot express how thankful and relieved I am to such an easier start to the school year for him! There is no doubt that the Lord heard and answered my prayers for him. Makes me remember how important praying for specific details in our children's lives is so very important!!

Maddox is also loving school! His favorites so far include, playing on the play ground, going to the library and the computer lab. He is making friends and he seems to really enjoy his teacher. One day last week, his teacher informed me that he might get a note sent home soon because he was talking way to much in class. Oh Maddox, our little talking machine. It came as no surprise to me that that would be the first thing he got in trouble for. Ha. Well, we had a very serious talk with him about how important it is to wait his turn to talk, to not interrupt and to wait to tell all his stories until it was lunch time or playing outside! I received an email the next day from his teacher informing me that he was having a wonderful day and she could really tell that he was conscience thinking before he spoke or choosing to not talk!! WOW. Great job buddy. That takes a lot of self control that takes some grown ups years to control. Not to say he won't have issues down the road for excessive talking, but boy oh boy, I sure am proud of the work he put in last week!

Baby girl is doing great as well. We brought breakfast to daddy today at work and she was certainly excited to see him for a little bit in his office. She showed off her speed walking skills and shy-fully tucked her head when anyone tried to speak to her! She also started saying "HI" today. It is so cute! I will try to get it on video! 

Today felt busy with dropping off kiddos, cleaning the house, picking up kiddos, preparing dinner, reading stories, memorizing scripture verses, practicing name writing, reading more stores, bath and bed time....but I am certainly thankful for the opportunity to sit and reflect on just how great the day truly was!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

14 Months Old

Harper Grace is getting so big. She is now 14 months old and rapidly turning into a toddler. She is such a joy and a ray of sunshine to our family. She is getting pretty feisty at times and is showing a smidgen of a mean streak towards her closest in age brother. She will pester him ALL day long. How do siblings know to do this, especially this early in age. She likes to pat Paxton on the head, and as everyone knows, Paxton does not like his personal space invaded at all. He freaks out and gets so agitated at her. I have to watch her like a hawk all day to make sure she isn't hitting him. She is the sweetest little stinker though, which means I better get ready or she will play me like a fiddle. (Funny story from today. I had to get on to her for hitting Paxton and she got pretty upset and started crying. I glance over at Maddox and see a single tear drop to his cheek. I turned to him and asked him what was wrong and her gently responded "Momma, when Harper cries it makes me cry a little too" Oh my mercy, he is so sweet and loving to her. I pray they are the best of friends and that she realizes how much her biggest brother loves her)

I wanted to document just a little of what Harper Grace is doing at 14 months:
-teething. she has 3 bottom teeth, two top teeth and parts of one of her top molars. She is still so content even while teething. She has moments where she is just off and more easily annoyed, but for the most part if she wasn't drooling so much you wouldn't even suspect that she was working on any teeth
-walking/almost running. She is a walker and enjoys the freedom she has. She will explore every inch of the living area just walking in circles. I think she loves that she can walk and turn around in any direction with such ease now.
-talking...well sort of. She has spoken the words "thank you" "wow" "momma" "dadda" "Gigi" and "hi" and she can sign the words "eat" "more" and "thank you" Now, while she has done all of these, I cannot get her to do them on command, but I know she can do it if she wanted to and that is what is important
-she watches a "Meet the Letters" DVD while we wait to pick up Maddox from school and she mimics the alphabet song, there are times where it sounds like she is actually saying the correct letter in the song...I'm not so sure that she really is, but it is getting close
-she is so sweet first thing in the morning and I love how excited she gets when I first walk into her room. She jumps up and starts walking from end to end of her crib giggling and plopping herself down on her mattress on her bottom making herself bounce up and down. This is so different from the boys. Maddox was always so angry when he woke up in the mornings, all he wanted to do was eat and I could never do it fast enough. Paxton has never been a morning person and was usually pretty crabby for an hour or so after he got up. Not sweet Harper. She is a great sleeper and is happy when she gets up
-taking one nap in the afternoon. This has been an adjustment for all of us now that Maddox is in school. I am having to find a new routine and time schedule for lunch and naps, but she doesn't seem phased by it at all. Such a go with the flow kiddo. Thankfully
-baby girl loves her milk (lactose free, hormone free organic milk. Trying so hard to make sure she doesn't have the tummy issues her brothers had/have)
-she can point to her nose, mouth, eyes and teeth and if you ask her to "wash her hair" she will rub her hands together (like you would if you put shampoo into your hands) and act like she is scrubbing her head.
-she gets super excited when Brad gets home from work and she will squeal with delight and talk talk talk  speak non-comprehensive gibberish in a very enthusiastic tone
-she has started walking up to me and giving me hugs. Melt me. Yesterday she came running speed walking down the hallway and wrapped her arms around my legs and gave me the biggest hug and sweetest smile then walked away with her baby doll tucked under her arm. Precious.
-she has become quite the laundry hoarder. Whenever I am folding laundry or getting clothes out of the dryer, she will steal an article or 5 of clothes, wrap both arms around them, hugging them, and walk happily around the house. She will plop them on the ground and make nice place for her to lay down. I've tried just making her a pallet or something on the ground, but she is way more interested in the clean laundry than any blanket or pillow.
-she is getting too big too fast. Gosh, time is going by so quickly with her and I am trying to stop and cherish any last glimpse of her as my baby. I am with Maddox on this one and I too "wish she could stay a baby forever" I am so excited to watch the little lady she will become, but she is just so darn cute, cuddly, loving and sweet right now.

One year ago, all decked out supporting our Red Raiders

And now, such a big girl

First Day of Preschool

Our spunky, spirited, silly and sassy three year old boy started Preschool yesterday!! He did fantastic at drop of this year! Not a single tear shed as he marched into his classroom and began playing with some blocks. His afternoon teacher said he did great and he is eager to go back again! Success!
It is such an answer to our prayers to watch how far Paxton has come from his first day of school last year. He was so scared, and was so so sad the entire day. He eventually got the hang of it, but he was still so very timid. NOT today, he chatted it up with others and while he said he played by himself, I am hopeful he will make some great friends this year!!
Love you Pax! So very proud of you!!

Growing up so fast!!!
Paxton first day of Mother's day out last year
Paxton ready for Preschool