Sunday, July 29, 2012

Harper is One Month Old

Our sweet Harper Grace is one month old. We are all adjusting into our new normal and our family feels complete with our precious little girl. 

What are you up to at one month:
Weighs about 6.5 pounds and 18.5 inches long
Wearing newborn clothes (they are still pretty big on you)
Diagnosed with reflux and cannot lay on your back or you spit up and choke
Sleep in your swing
Sleep best when you are swaddled, although you do not enjoy the swaddling process
You nurse every 3 hours during the day and you go 4-5 hours during the night
You have had some rough nights with tummy aches, but I think we are making progress in that area
Love to be held
You have beautiful blue eyes and light colored hair

Saturday, July 21, 2012


"Siblings are the people we practice on, the people who teach us about fairness and cooperation and kindness and caring - quite often the hard way"
.  ~Pamela Dugdale

Cherish the Moment

Harper is now 3 weeks old. Paxton is now 27 months old and Maddox is now 4 and a half. What!?! How are my babies getting so big. As I watch Maddox and Paxton I am constantly reminded at how short the baby phase really is. It is so crazy to see how big Paxton is now and to realize that in just two short years, little bitty Harper will be running around, talking, and getting into everything imaginable just like her big brothers. I am certainly blessed to have two wonderful little boys to remind me to take it slow and cherish this time with a newborn, toddler and preschooler, because it won't be like this for long. Our lives will be busy and this chaotic time in our lives will soon enough seem like a blur and we will be wishing to have it back. So for now, I will soak up every minute I can holding and snuggling a newborn. I will tickle, chase, build with blocks and read stories to our toddler. I will answer question after question, tie super hero costumes and teach our preschooler. I will have a good attitude and I will make the most of everything thrown our way, even in the midst of some pretty chaotic days, because it will not be like this for long! 

Precious girl trying to focus her little eyes

Saving the world

Super Paxton

Pool boys

I just can't get over how tiny she is in her car seat

Before the reflux set in, sweet baby sleeping in her bed (hasn't happened since then though. Ha)

Flying Pax

Beautiful baby girl. Oh so tiny. Oh so sweet.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I am fearful that our precious little lady has reflux. Boo. I was so hopeful that one of our children would be unharmed by any stomach issues, but it seems she is following in her brothers footsteps and showing signs of reflux. She is considered premature and preemie babies much more prone to reflux issues because their little tummies are still trying to develop properly.
Sadly, little miss Harper  is unable to lay down with out gagging, choking and having a super hard time breathing. She is content as long as she is being held upright or laying on her tummy on my chest. We have an appointment on Monday with her pediatrician and we will see what they recommend for her. I just hope they can figure something out because it is terrifying to watch our 5 pound little one struggling to catch her breath. 
It becomes pretty tricky to hold her non stop and tend to both of the boys. I have been very thankful for the help of my mom this week. She has held Harper, swam and played with the boys and has been a wonderful friend to me during this transition time in our family. I have greatly enjoyed the company and the extra set of hands. 
With Harper needing to be held all the time, I certainly get the amazing privilege to stare at this beautiful little face. I just can't get enough.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Super Brothers

Sometimes being a BIG BROTHER is better than being a Super Hero!!

My prayer for my boys right now is that they form an unbreakable brotherly bond as they figure out how to be amazing big brothers, together, to their precious little sister. I pray they love each other. Respect each other. Learn from each other and protect each other. I pray at the end of every day they realize how blessed they are to have a permanent play mate and best friend. I pray someday they realize that together they really do have super powers and can change the world!!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Boys are Back

There are toys scattered all throughout the house. The noise level has drastically increased. There are finger prints on the refrigerator. I found a hot wheels car in our bed. Our house feels like a home. All of these things must mean one boys are back! 
Boy oh boy did they have a good two weeks in Oklahoma. I love hearing about all the fun adventures they had. I am certain grandma and grandpa are going to need a full month of sleep to catch up from all the running and chasing they did for the boys!!
I am thankful to have my family, the 5 of us, all together under one roof. Sure, it is a tad overwhelming with a fit throwing two year old, an inquisitive 4 year old and a two week old (who, by the way, is happy as a clam as long as she is being held, but spits up and gags and cries if she is put down at all...stinker), but this is our new normal and I'm excited to figure it all out together!
Playing a little baseball with Brad and Grandpa

Great hit Maddox

The boys just checking out their sister

My shaggy little man

Tiny babe

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Snug as a bug on her pretty pink rug!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Harper is Two Weeks Old

Harper Grace is already two weeks old. These past two weeks have been fabulous. She is such a sweet, calm and overall content little baby. This is so surreal for me, because both boys were a lot to handle as innocent babies. I am well aware that all of this could change at any minute, but for now, she is just the sweetest thing I have ever laid my eyes on. I find myself just staring at her. I was never offered this opportunity with the boys because it is a lot harder to simply stare at someone when they are constantly crying or screaming. Ha. She is so tiny, cuddly and pure perfection. I am smitten.
We had her two week newborn screening this morning and she is perfect. He jaundice is well under control and the bruising on her face is healing beautifully. I love how the nurses just oooh and aww over how cute and tiny she is. I think all the nurses there are equally excited that our family now has a beautiful pink bundle accompanying the boys!

Her stats as of 2 weeks:
Weight: 5pounds 13ounces (5th Percentile)
Length: 18.2 inches (5th Percentile)
Head Circumference: 13 1/4 cm (20th Percentile)

I am beyond thankful that I was blessed with two precious weeks to bond, snuggle and devote all of my time towards Harper. Thank you so much Voda's for loving on the boys and allowing me the opportunity to bond with our sweet baby girl.
I am so in love

Perfection....pure, innocent, beautiful perfection

I never want to forget how tiny she looks in her car seat
While I am thrilled I have had the one on one time with Harper, I am so excited to get the boys back on Saturday and for our lives as a family of 5 to commence and we find our new normal in this journey.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

These Two Little Boys

These two little boys are having the time of their lives in Oklahoma. They are slip-in-sliding, bike riding, zoo visiting, bird watching, swing swinging, adventure going and make memories that will last a life time!

These two little boys are being loved on, spoiled and having a blast with their grandparents, but THIS momma sure does miss her two precious little boys!!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Our Three Blessings

I was anxious as to what to expect when the boys met Harper for the first time!! Their reactions were exactly as I had anticipated. Maddox was super excited and oh so sweet with her. He just kept staring at her and whispering all the fun things he was going to do with her. He promised he would help her, play with her, and teach her everything. Such a sweet memory for me. I cannot wait to watch their relationship grow. 

Paxton's response was exactly as I had anticipated as well. He just got very still and quiet and would not move or smile. He just stared at her and tried to figure her out; however, he made it pretty obvious that he could care less about the whole ordeal. 

My heart is full of joy as I look at the three beautiful blessings the Lord as given to us!

Happy 4th of July

"Just a reminder to all us moms and dads out there. You are not born to love your country. You are taught to love your country. Not just on holidays but everyday. Make sure we pass on the important message that we live in the greatest country in the world and the sacrifices that have been made and are being made for that honor. "---brad kalivoda

We had a wonderful 4th of July celebration at our house this year. It felt SO weird that the boys were not with us (they are still living it up with grandma and grandpa...they get to go to the zoo this coming week....Paxton is going to LOVE it). I was able to meet my nephew Henley, who was born just 3 days prior to miss Harper, we cooked hamburgers and hot dogs, swam, played water volleyball, ate watermelon, apple pie, and enjoyed a little rain storm. It was a wonderful day to celebrate our freedom and spend time with family!!

My precious Granny holding my precious daughter. Love love love this picture
KimKim and her little buddy

The adult boys playing...again, it was SO weird not having the little boys here. It was SO quiet and I was not sure what to do with myself. ha

Sweet patriotic cousins meeting for the first time

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Introducing Harper Grace

Harper Grace decided to make her grand entrance into this world on June 29, 2012 weighing in at 5 pounds 11.8 ounces and 19 inches long. Although she was a full month early, she is absolutely perfect. I did not feel very good most of the week prior to her birth and I wondered if this was a sign of something to come, or if it was simply the fact that I was basically 9 months pregnant, in the middle of the summer, chasing around 2 very active little boys. Thursday evening (June 28) I really did not feel well and my normal evening contractions began to get a little more intense; although, I was trying not to think too much about it because these pesky contractions were a very common occurance. Well, around 11pm they really started to increase and I began to wonder if tonight was the night I would meet my daughter. Brad and I settled in and decided to watch a movie. That was a great distraction and I continued to "labor" while we watched Crazy.Stupid.Love (which, by the way is a pretty funny movie if you haven't watched it). Finally around 1am I decided we needed to load up Paxton and head to the hospital to be evaluated. (Maddox was in Oklahoma with the Vodas). My dad and Kelly were able to keep Paxton for us and off to the hospital we went.
When we arrived I told the nurse that I though I was in labor. I am pretty sure they did not think I was actually in labor because they took their precious time getting everything set up for me to be monitored. When she checked my cervix, I was dilated to a 3-4 and 100% effaced. Because I was not dilated very far she still was not certain I was in active labor. However, once she finally hooked me up to have my contractions monitored, it took her about a minute to change her mind and inform us that we would be meeting our sweet little girl fairly soon. My contractions were measuring on the chart at about 50-70 and only a minute apart.
I was worried little Harper was still breech and we would be preparing ourselves for a c-section; however, once they took a quick look via ultrasound, they discovered that little miss had once again turned herself around and was head down. Whew.
Now, I had not been checked in the office to see if I was StrepB negative, so I needed two rounds of IV antibiotics to be on the safe side. They did not want to check my cervix again for fear of rupturing my water and they needed those antibiotics in me before Harper arrived. I could have the antibiotics every 4 hours, so they started one round, got my epidural and Brad and I tried to rest as much as we could while we waited for the antibiotics to do their thing.
The other thing they were worried about was my water breaking on its own (which remember I had way more amniotic fluid than needed) thus allowing Harper the ability to flip once again and become breech, or even scarier, her umbilical cord could slip through the cervix and came out before her. They needed to wait on Dr. Burley to arrive so they could break my water and keep a close eye on Harper.
Once the antibiotics were in, Dr. Burley came and they broke my water. This part was a little interesting because one of the nurses had to push hard on every part of my tummy and hold Harper in place so she wouldn't flip around. I am very thankful for that epidural because I am pretty sure with the amount of pressure she was having to place on my tummy that I would have thrown up!! Everything was successful. They broke my water (which was enough fluid to hold twins...ha) and Harper remained head down.
Now the active and productive labor began. The epidural worked great and it wasn't long before they were suggesting that we start pushing. They were certain she would come with just a couple quick pushes. Well, they were wrong. Once again, Harper had her own agenda. She just would not come out. It turns out that little miss was looking sunny side up and kept hitting her head on my pelvic bone and was getting stuck. Then right at the end she decided to turn a little and now her shoulder was coming out along with her head. This was the most pain I have ever been in my life and I was beyond ready for the doctor to get our little bitty daughter out! At 11:14am Harper Grace Kalivoda cooperated and we were able to meet our beautiful baby girl.
After all of that pushing and her head getting stuck, the poor things head was super swollen and bruised. It just looked like it hurt so badly. She is a trooper though and never really seemed phased by the whole ordeal.
She is beautiful, perfect and oh so tiny.
Brad and I are so in love with our newest addition. So far she is the most laid back of our crew and the only times she cries is if she has an air bubble or she is chilly. (I am eagerly praying that she remains this calm and relaxed). She loves to be held. Everything around her just swallows her up, so she definitely likes to be swaddled and held tight. She loves to be on my chest and listen to my heart beat.
Getting to hold her for the first time

Getting warm under the warmer

Her first bow

The big bow covers most of it up, but you can see how purple her little head was

Oh my sweet Sarah. This girl will never know how much I love and cherish her friendship

Watching Brad with a daughter is breathtaking 

Oh so tiny and ready to go home