Friday, July 13, 2012

Harper is Two Weeks Old

Harper Grace is already two weeks old. These past two weeks have been fabulous. She is such a sweet, calm and overall content little baby. This is so surreal for me, because both boys were a lot to handle as innocent babies. I am well aware that all of this could change at any minute, but for now, she is just the sweetest thing I have ever laid my eyes on. I find myself just staring at her. I was never offered this opportunity with the boys because it is a lot harder to simply stare at someone when they are constantly crying or screaming. Ha. She is so tiny, cuddly and pure perfection. I am smitten.
We had her two week newborn screening this morning and she is perfect. He jaundice is well under control and the bruising on her face is healing beautifully. I love how the nurses just oooh and aww over how cute and tiny she is. I think all the nurses there are equally excited that our family now has a beautiful pink bundle accompanying the boys!

Her stats as of 2 weeks:
Weight: 5pounds 13ounces (5th Percentile)
Length: 18.2 inches (5th Percentile)
Head Circumference: 13 1/4 cm (20th Percentile)

I am beyond thankful that I was blessed with two precious weeks to bond, snuggle and devote all of my time towards Harper. Thank you so much Voda's for loving on the boys and allowing me the opportunity to bond with our sweet baby girl.
I am so in love

Perfection....pure, innocent, beautiful perfection

I never want to forget how tiny she looks in her car seat
While I am thrilled I have had the one on one time with Harper, I am so excited to get the boys back on Saturday and for our lives as a family of 5 to commence and we find our new normal in this journey.

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