Monday, July 16, 2012

The Boys are Back

There are toys scattered all throughout the house. The noise level has drastically increased. There are finger prints on the refrigerator. I found a hot wheels car in our bed. Our house feels like a home. All of these things must mean one boys are back! 
Boy oh boy did they have a good two weeks in Oklahoma. I love hearing about all the fun adventures they had. I am certain grandma and grandpa are going to need a full month of sleep to catch up from all the running and chasing they did for the boys!!
I am thankful to have my family, the 5 of us, all together under one roof. Sure, it is a tad overwhelming with a fit throwing two year old, an inquisitive 4 year old and a two week old (who, by the way, is happy as a clam as long as she is being held, but spits up and gags and cries if she is put down at all...stinker), but this is our new normal and I'm excited to figure it all out together!
Playing a little baseball with Brad and Grandpa

Great hit Maddox

The boys just checking out their sister

My shaggy little man

Tiny babe

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