Saturday, July 7, 2012

Our Three Blessings

I was anxious as to what to expect when the boys met Harper for the first time!! Their reactions were exactly as I had anticipated. Maddox was super excited and oh so sweet with her. He just kept staring at her and whispering all the fun things he was going to do with her. He promised he would help her, play with her, and teach her everything. Such a sweet memory for me. I cannot wait to watch their relationship grow. 

Paxton's response was exactly as I had anticipated as well. He just got very still and quiet and would not move or smile. He just stared at her and tried to figure her out; however, he made it pretty obvious that he could care less about the whole ordeal. 

My heart is full of joy as I look at the three beautiful blessings the Lord as given to us!

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