Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cherish the Moment

Harper is now 3 weeks old. Paxton is now 27 months old and Maddox is now 4 and a half. What!?! How are my babies getting so big. As I watch Maddox and Paxton I am constantly reminded at how short the baby phase really is. It is so crazy to see how big Paxton is now and to realize that in just two short years, little bitty Harper will be running around, talking, and getting into everything imaginable just like her big brothers. I am certainly blessed to have two wonderful little boys to remind me to take it slow and cherish this time with a newborn, toddler and preschooler, because it won't be like this for long. Our lives will be busy and this chaotic time in our lives will soon enough seem like a blur and we will be wishing to have it back. So for now, I will soak up every minute I can holding and snuggling a newborn. I will tickle, chase, build with blocks and read stories to our toddler. I will answer question after question, tie super hero costumes and teach our preschooler. I will have a good attitude and I will make the most of everything thrown our way, even in the midst of some pretty chaotic days, because it will not be like this for long! 

Precious girl trying to focus her little eyes

Saving the world

Super Paxton

Pool boys

I just can't get over how tiny she is in her car seat

Before the reflux set in, sweet baby sleeping in her bed (hasn't happened since then though. Ha)

Flying Pax

Beautiful baby girl. Oh so tiny. Oh so sweet.

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