Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I am fearful that our precious little lady has reflux. Boo. I was so hopeful that one of our children would be unharmed by any stomach issues, but it seems she is following in her brothers footsteps and showing signs of reflux. She is considered premature and preemie babies much more prone to reflux issues because their little tummies are still trying to develop properly.
Sadly, little miss Harper  is unable to lay down with out gagging, choking and having a super hard time breathing. She is content as long as she is being held upright or laying on her tummy on my chest. We have an appointment on Monday with her pediatrician and we will see what they recommend for her. I just hope they can figure something out because it is terrifying to watch our 5 pound little one struggling to catch her breath. 
It becomes pretty tricky to hold her non stop and tend to both of the boys. I have been very thankful for the help of my mom this week. She has held Harper, swam and played with the boys and has been a wonderful friend to me during this transition time in our family. I have greatly enjoyed the company and the extra set of hands. 
With Harper needing to be held all the time, I certainly get the amazing privilege to stare at this beautiful little face. I just can't get enough.

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