Saturday, August 30, 2014

Family Fun Night

I am so pleased to report that Paxton had a really great week at school. He seems to be adjusting to his new routine and he is making much better choices. He did get one tally today at nap time, but considering how the school year started, I think the one tally isn't bad at all. He is always a stinker at nap time, not wanting to lay still or to be quiet. I think the tally system will work wonderfully for him. Everyone needs help getting back on the right path every now and then!
Maddox had another wonderful week. He is absolutely loving first grade. His teacher is so wonderful and we all just adore her. He is easily making friends and continues to make great choices. Next week homework starts as well as basketball practice for Madd and soccer practice and Little Gym class for Paxton. Our lives are about to turn a tad crazy.
This evening, the boys school had a Family Night at Joyland. Oh my mercy, it was so stinkin fun. It was fun watching Maddox see his friends and for the new friends to come running up to Madd. For the first time in the boys school career, I feel like I am making friends with some of the other moms and we all had such a great time visiting and watching the kids play. Everywhere we walked, we would run into someone we knew from the school and it was just too much fun.
Man, I have to give some huge props to Brad. Pax was too little to ride the rides alone, so Brad had to ride them with him. Whew, I think there were a few times Brad turned a bit green at the gills from all the round and round and round we goes!
Harper even got to ride a few rides and she absolutely LOVED them. No fear at all for this little lady!
As we are digging deeper into the school year and as we are getting to know more families there, I am falling in love with the kids school more and more each day!!
What a fantastic way to kick off the Labor Day weekend!
Here's Paxton Maddox and Jantzen and their super fun fake mustaches!!
Maddox Jantzen and Liam (Jantzen's brother) riding the airplanes!!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Harper's Turn to Meet the Teacher

Our little lady had her first "Meet the Teacher" event for her Mother's Day Out program this year (she will only go one day during the week). I was a little nervous as to how she would respond to her classroom this evening because she has been so clingy lately, but she was amazing. She walked in and immediately started playing with some toys. I filled out the forms I needed to, talked to her teacher for a few minutes and I was ready to leave, but she wasn't quite ready. Ha. We stayed for about 15 more minutes and I let her play and she even used the potty while we were there!!! I was apprehensive about sending her to a program this year, simply because I am truly loving the one-on-one time I get with her while the boys are in school; however, I wanted her to have the chance to play, learn and get used to being around other kiddos for a bit. After her response this evening, I am excited for her and I think she will have so much fun. Now, just pray drop off goes well on her first day!!! 

Gosh I could eat her up. 

My first question I had when entering the classroom was if it would be a problem for her to bring her baby to school. The teacher said to absolutely bring her baby or anything that makes her comfortable. Whew. If baby wasn't allowed to come with her, it would have been a total deal breaker.
How cute is she!?! Standing so big in her classroom. I just can't express how happy she was!

Such a happy girl as we were leaving school

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mommy and Me

I am so relieved and thankful that Paxton is having a much better week at school and that Maddox is absolutely thriving in first grade!! With my heart not so stressed about the boys during the school day, I am truly getting to enjoy the alone time with miss Harper Grace during the morning and early afternoon. She is so much fun and I could watch her play with her babies all day!!!

I enrolled her/us in a mommy and me class at The Little Gym. We had our first class on Tuesday. She was a bit timid at first and actually cried a little bit. I held her and we watched some and she warmed up to the environment and we had a great time!!!

I am thankful for this special time with my special little lady!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Great Day

Hooray! Paxton had a fantastic day at school today!!! He was such a happy boy this afternoon and was so proud of himself. 
He made me giggle so hard. When I was waiting for him after school, he finally saw me and yelled across the parking lot "mommy, I didn't go to the principals office today!!!" Hahaha. Well that's great buddy... (You aren't supposed to go to the principal. Hahahah). 
It was such a refreshing day to not have to discipline or scold. We could play and giggle and ride bikes. 
We are praying for another amazing day tomorrow!!!
We stopped by Daddy's work so he could show Paxton how proud he was!!! 

Potty Training

The week before the boys started school, I decided to attempt to potty train Harper Grace. She was a bit more complicated to train than the boys because she apparently has major bladder control and this kid would hold her tee-tee for hours upon hours. I'm talking, I would pump her full of liquids all morning and she would go to the potty once. Then, she would go potty once in the afternoon. Well, that is a bit tricky to teach someone what it feels like to have the urge to potty if they only go twice a day. Sheesh. It seems like she now has it all under control and we have been accident free for a while now!! Way to go Harper Grace. How crazy is it to think that we will NEVER buy another diaper again!! Yippee.
Just hanging out in her cute undies playing with her baby

look at that crazy hair and that cutie patooty in undies, a shirt and shoes (side note: she always wants her shoes on. ALWAYS)

See. Nothing but shoes. HA

Sunday, August 24, 2014

School 2014

Well, school has officially started for both Maddox and Paxton! Maddox is joyfully and eagerly
jumping head first into first grade. He absolutely loves it. He loves his teacher so very much (it's pretty amazing what an impression she has made on him in just one short week). He is playing with plenty of friends. He is enjoying being a "big" kid at school and doing all the big kid things. He makes this whole school thing look like a piece of cake!! Great job Madd-man. We are so eager to see what all you learn, the friendships you make and how the Lord uses you this year!!

Oh Mr. Paxton. Oh, this kiddo. He has started PreK 4 with a.....bang! Oh my mercy. He is giving me, Brad and his teacher a run for their money. The first day he had 8 major melt downs (crying fits) over anything and everything. He was too hot. His feet hurt. He wanted a snack. (All normal 4 year old "complaints" but he took it to a new level). He was given a firm talking to and his things were taken away at home. His behavior is 100% unexaptable. The next day seemed to go a bit better with just one major fit about a water bottle. Whew....nope. Don't get too excited yet. The next day was rough again with massive amounts of impatience and rude talking to his teacher. What the heck kid. Oh but Friday topped the cake, when my 4 year old was sent to the principals office on the 5th day of school. What in the world!?! Yup, he wouldn't be quiet during nap time because he wanted a drink of water. Good grief kid, a drink? So, when the teacher moved him because he was disturbing other kids, he freaked out and started SCREAMING. He wouldn't stop and she took him to the principals office where he continued his fit in a closed room and then he got to have a chat with the principal on what is expected of him. When he was escorted back to his classroom, he was told to lay down again (and now all the other kids were up because nap time was over). I was told, that he laid down without a fuss and got up and played his little heart out. Whew. This child. This child is wearing me smooth out. I have acne on my face like a teenage girl all because of the stress I feel over him.
This is going to be a huge growing year for Paxton. There will be a zero tolerance policy put in place for him when he is at home or with grandparents. He is absolutely trying to manipulate the situation to get the desired results. He will eventually learn that this behavior gets him absolutely no where and he is not going to enjoy the consequences.
I know none of this is a surprise to the one who created him. I know the Lord knew his personality when he choose Brad and I to be his parents. I know the Lord will provide me with the knowledge and the patience I need to handle each circumstance that will arise. I also know that the Lord has amazing plans for Paxton's life and He will guide us all.
Please join with me in  praying peace over Paxton. Pray for self discipline for him and that he would make good choices. Pray for an amazing school year for him as well. Please pray for his teacher. Pray she would remain patient with him and that she could influence his life and his school career in a life long manner!

Oh my stars. What a week it was. I am hopeful for a better week this week!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Blown Away

I have so much to catch up. What we have done this summer, the adventures, new learned tricks and simply adorable pictures of the kiddos....however, this evening my heart is full in a way it hasn't been in a while, and I feel it is important to document it!
We had meet the teacher this week at the boys school! We are blown away at the kindness, organization and the overall love they have already shown our boys in just one visit! I can feel the power of The Lord and I am completely confident both boys are placed in their specific classrooms for a Devine purpose! 
This evening, after we met with the teachers, there was an all school worship time and prayer! Oh my mercy, this was amazing. To sit in a sanctuary with all of the students and parents, led in worship by the high school worship team, all joining together to sing songs of praise to our Lord....together, as a school family. It was amazing. Then to top it off, they bring each class up to the front and the teachers pray over the students, the families and the entire class. I was brought to tears. These teachers genuinely LOVE our kids and desire to influence their lives for all eternity. I am blown away and I am eager for the school year to commence. I know The Lord has great things in store for the boys this year!!!