Saturday, August 30, 2014

Family Fun Night

I am so pleased to report that Paxton had a really great week at school. He seems to be adjusting to his new routine and he is making much better choices. He did get one tally today at nap time, but considering how the school year started, I think the one tally isn't bad at all. He is always a stinker at nap time, not wanting to lay still or to be quiet. I think the tally system will work wonderfully for him. Everyone needs help getting back on the right path every now and then!
Maddox had another wonderful week. He is absolutely loving first grade. His teacher is so wonderful and we all just adore her. He is easily making friends and continues to make great choices. Next week homework starts as well as basketball practice for Madd and soccer practice and Little Gym class for Paxton. Our lives are about to turn a tad crazy.
This evening, the boys school had a Family Night at Joyland. Oh my mercy, it was so stinkin fun. It was fun watching Maddox see his friends and for the new friends to come running up to Madd. For the first time in the boys school career, I feel like I am making friends with some of the other moms and we all had such a great time visiting and watching the kids play. Everywhere we walked, we would run into someone we knew from the school and it was just too much fun.
Man, I have to give some huge props to Brad. Pax was too little to ride the rides alone, so Brad had to ride them with him. Whew, I think there were a few times Brad turned a bit green at the gills from all the round and round and round we goes!
Harper even got to ride a few rides and she absolutely LOVED them. No fear at all for this little lady!
As we are digging deeper into the school year and as we are getting to know more families there, I am falling in love with the kids school more and more each day!!
What a fantastic way to kick off the Labor Day weekend!
Here's Paxton Maddox and Jantzen and their super fun fake mustaches!!
Maddox Jantzen and Liam (Jantzen's brother) riding the airplanes!!!!

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