Sunday, August 24, 2014

School 2014

Well, school has officially started for both Maddox and Paxton! Maddox is joyfully and eagerly
jumping head first into first grade. He absolutely loves it. He loves his teacher so very much (it's pretty amazing what an impression she has made on him in just one short week). He is playing with plenty of friends. He is enjoying being a "big" kid at school and doing all the big kid things. He makes this whole school thing look like a piece of cake!! Great job Madd-man. We are so eager to see what all you learn, the friendships you make and how the Lord uses you this year!!

Oh Mr. Paxton. Oh, this kiddo. He has started PreK 4 with a.....bang! Oh my mercy. He is giving me, Brad and his teacher a run for their money. The first day he had 8 major melt downs (crying fits) over anything and everything. He was too hot. His feet hurt. He wanted a snack. (All normal 4 year old "complaints" but he took it to a new level). He was given a firm talking to and his things were taken away at home. His behavior is 100% unexaptable. The next day seemed to go a bit better with just one major fit about a water bottle. Whew....nope. Don't get too excited yet. The next day was rough again with massive amounts of impatience and rude talking to his teacher. What the heck kid. Oh but Friday topped the cake, when my 4 year old was sent to the principals office on the 5th day of school. What in the world!?! Yup, he wouldn't be quiet during nap time because he wanted a drink of water. Good grief kid, a drink? So, when the teacher moved him because he was disturbing other kids, he freaked out and started SCREAMING. He wouldn't stop and she took him to the principals office where he continued his fit in a closed room and then he got to have a chat with the principal on what is expected of him. When he was escorted back to his classroom, he was told to lay down again (and now all the other kids were up because nap time was over). I was told, that he laid down without a fuss and got up and played his little heart out. Whew. This child. This child is wearing me smooth out. I have acne on my face like a teenage girl all because of the stress I feel over him.
This is going to be a huge growing year for Paxton. There will be a zero tolerance policy put in place for him when he is at home or with grandparents. He is absolutely trying to manipulate the situation to get the desired results. He will eventually learn that this behavior gets him absolutely no where and he is not going to enjoy the consequences.
I know none of this is a surprise to the one who created him. I know the Lord knew his personality when he choose Brad and I to be his parents. I know the Lord will provide me with the knowledge and the patience I need to handle each circumstance that will arise. I also know that the Lord has amazing plans for Paxton's life and He will guide us all.
Please join with me in  praying peace over Paxton. Pray for self discipline for him and that he would make good choices. Pray for an amazing school year for him as well. Please pray for his teacher. Pray she would remain patient with him and that she could influence his life and his school career in a life long manner!

Oh my stars. What a week it was. I am hopeful for a better week this week!

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