Thursday, August 14, 2014

Blown Away

I have so much to catch up. What we have done this summer, the adventures, new learned tricks and simply adorable pictures of the kiddos....however, this evening my heart is full in a way it hasn't been in a while, and I feel it is important to document it!
We had meet the teacher this week at the boys school! We are blown away at the kindness, organization and the overall love they have already shown our boys in just one visit! I can feel the power of The Lord and I am completely confident both boys are placed in their specific classrooms for a Devine purpose! 
This evening, after we met with the teachers, there was an all school worship time and prayer! Oh my mercy, this was amazing. To sit in a sanctuary with all of the students and parents, led in worship by the high school worship team, all joining together to sing songs of praise to our Lord....together, as a school family. It was amazing. Then to top it off, they bring each class up to the front and the teachers pray over the students, the families and the entire class. I was brought to tears. These teachers genuinely LOVE our kids and desire to influence their lives for all eternity. I am blown away and I am eager for the school year to commence. I know The Lord has great things in store for the boys this year!!!

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