Thursday, August 28, 2014

Harper's Turn to Meet the Teacher

Our little lady had her first "Meet the Teacher" event for her Mother's Day Out program this year (she will only go one day during the week). I was a little nervous as to how she would respond to her classroom this evening because she has been so clingy lately, but she was amazing. She walked in and immediately started playing with some toys. I filled out the forms I needed to, talked to her teacher for a few minutes and I was ready to leave, but she wasn't quite ready. Ha. We stayed for about 15 more minutes and I let her play and she even used the potty while we were there!!! I was apprehensive about sending her to a program this year, simply because I am truly loving the one-on-one time I get with her while the boys are in school; however, I wanted her to have the chance to play, learn and get used to being around other kiddos for a bit. After her response this evening, I am excited for her and I think she will have so much fun. Now, just pray drop off goes well on her first day!!! 

Gosh I could eat her up. 

My first question I had when entering the classroom was if it would be a problem for her to bring her baby to school. The teacher said to absolutely bring her baby or anything that makes her comfortable. Whew. If baby wasn't allowed to come with her, it would have been a total deal breaker.
How cute is she!?! Standing so big in her classroom. I just can't express how happy she was!

Such a happy girl as we were leaving school

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