Sunday, March 30, 2014

Soccer Saturday

We have started a new journey in our world.....we have entered the world of soccer. Both boys are playing for the first time this season and oh, what an adventure it will be.
Paxton is on a team that all played together last year...yes, last year....he is the youngest one on the team and he is a bit overwhelemed. They are good....I mean really good. These kids can run with a soccer ball with such ease and coordination. Poor Pax had such a melt down on his first game. He stood in the middle of the field and cried out of frustration, anxiety and overall overwhelmed at the entire experience. We have worked with him more and more everyday and I have high hopes that next Saturday will be a much better experience for him. Although he was super overwhelmed and frustrated, he was really pretty good with the ball. He actually scored a goal!!! I think if we can learn the best way to guide his competitive spirit he will do really well in soccer if he wants to.
I LOVE this picture....he looks so big and brave running towards the other team 

Getting ready to score a goal

Love watching him listen to his coach. So cute with his little bottom stickin out


Maddox had a great first game. He is on a team with kiddos that have never played, they all have a lot to learn about the game, but Maddox stayed with it and had a few really great kicks. He was a good sport and is making friends on his team. I am excited to watch him gain more coordination and to watch him have fun playing soccer.

Luck number 7. How is he so big already?

Getting ready to kick it in

GOAL. Love his enthusiasm 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Break

Geeze, life just keeps going and this little blog is getting pushed to back burner. It seems by the end of the day I can't get enough energy to write a complete sentence. HA.
Well, a lot has happened since my last post, but I will just start with the most recent fun and exciting event. Spring Break!! The boy were already scheduled to spend the week in Oklahoma City with Brad's Brad and his brother, Brandon, started talking about planning an all inclusive trip to Mexico for Brad and I as well as Brandon and his amazing wife Ashley. Oh my was amazing!!!
Harper stayed here with my sister Carol and my Mom. (Poor Harper was recovering from Strep throat and cutting some pretty nasty teeth...on top of being super confused on where momma was and not feeling well...she was pretty miserable for most of the week....breaks this mommas heart) The boys stayed with grandmom and grandpa in OKC.
Sheesh, what an amazing trip. We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel, Rivera Maya. It was all inclusive and it was amazing. Fantastic food, tremendous service and all around wonderful time!! Can't wait to go again and bring the kiddos!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Life Changing

Geeze. I just can't keep up. I feel one (or maybe two or three) steps behind everything that needs to be taken care of these, of course, this little blog has taken the back burner because quite frankly at night time, the only time I have to blog, I am exhausted and can't seem to speak in complete sentences let alone write out actual thoughts or major events that have occurred. With all of that being said, I did not want to pass over the biggest event that has transpired in our house this past month. This by far is the greatest accomplishment in our house to date.
On February 8, 2014, in the car, on our way to our niece Mollie's 5th birthday party, Maddox said "Momma, I am ready to ask Jesus in my heart. I prayed by myself last night, but I want to do it with you today"
I may have nearly had a wreck while driving as my eyes filled with tears and I began chatting with our eldest little boy about what it means to be a follower of Christ. I asked him all sorts of questions and he knew every answer with confidence.
Here were a few of the questions I asked him followed by his answer
Why do we need Jesus in our lives? Because we all sin and he loves us enough to wash our sins away
What does it mean to sin? To do anything that isn't right. We all sin momma, but He forgives us
What did Jesus do for us? He died on the cross to save us.
What happened after he died? Three days later he came back
Momma, I want Jesus to live in my heart and show me to do what is right.

Wow. What a smart little boy. He seems to get it. As much as you can at 6 years old (which in all actuality is probably more than some grown adults get it. It is fascinating to watch true child like faith. There is no doubt or questioning.)

I am so very proud of this life changing decision Maddox has made to love the Lord and follow Him. Now to guide his little heart to pursue Jesus more and more everyday. There is no doubt he will change the world.