Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Can he fix it

Our dishwasher broke and its been quite the hassle to fix it. First it takes a special set of screw drivers to get the door taken apart, so a special to trip the hardware store to purchase special screw drivers was needed. Found the problem, Brad the handy man fixes the dishwasher. Cheering occurred!! Then the door wouldn't close all the way to the dishwasher which wouldn't allow the dishwasher to turn on.  Those same screw drivers were needed once again. Brad searched high and low and could not find where he placed all 10 screw drivers of all different sizes. How strange. We searched, we searched, we cursed and searched some more and still couldn't find the darn screw drivers. Another trip to the hardware store, special screw drivers purchased again and now we have a working dishwasher!!! Hooray!!! (I will personally put these special screw drivers away....momma's tired of hand washing dishes)

I love watching Brad fix things with our crew watching his every move (and asking a billion questions along the way) There isn't anything Brad and his posse can't fix!!! 

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