Monday, September 9, 2013

Great Day

When Paxton started Mother's Day Out last year, he had such a hard time adjusting to the new surroundings. Anything new would be so hard for him. He cried off and on most of the day for weeks. It was so so hard to watch and wonder if I was doing the right thing for him! Luckily, a few weeks into the program, he got a new teacher, Mrs. Randee, and she was fantastic. She loved Paxton as though he were her own and guided him through the "School day" process. He flourished there. He began talking up a storm and he started to enjoy his days at school. 

This year as we have started PreSchool 3, he LOVES school. He marches in, puts his backpack up and shows very little anxiety about the entire process. He is still a little shy, but once he finds something to play with, he is good to go with a hug and a quick kiss goodbye!! I am so proud of the progress he has made and continues to make everyday. He has become such a social little man (when he wants to be). He knows to shake someones hand and introduce himself and he waves hello to random people all the time. 

When I picked him up today, his afternoon teacher said he did great and was very helpful. He even folded up his own nap mat (it looked like a giant blob, but hey, he did it himself and who is to correct that!) and he even put on his own shoes (on the wrong feet, but heck, putting on shoes is tough work!). He was sitting reading a book as I entered the room and was such a happy little guy!
I cannot express how thankful and relieved I am to such an easier start to the school year for him! There is no doubt that the Lord heard and answered my prayers for him. Makes me remember how important praying for specific details in our children's lives is so very important!!

Maddox is also loving school! His favorites so far include, playing on the play ground, going to the library and the computer lab. He is making friends and he seems to really enjoy his teacher. One day last week, his teacher informed me that he might get a note sent home soon because he was talking way to much in class. Oh Maddox, our little talking machine. It came as no surprise to me that that would be the first thing he got in trouble for. Ha. Well, we had a very serious talk with him about how important it is to wait his turn to talk, to not interrupt and to wait to tell all his stories until it was lunch time or playing outside! I received an email the next day from his teacher informing me that he was having a wonderful day and she could really tell that he was conscience thinking before he spoke or choosing to not talk!! WOW. Great job buddy. That takes a lot of self control that takes some grown ups years to control. Not to say he won't have issues down the road for excessive talking, but boy oh boy, I sure am proud of the work he put in last week!

Baby girl is doing great as well. We brought breakfast to daddy today at work and she was certainly excited to see him for a little bit in his office. She showed off her speed walking skills and shy-fully tucked her head when anyone tried to speak to her! She also started saying "HI" today. It is so cute! I will try to get it on video! 

Today felt busy with dropping off kiddos, cleaning the house, picking up kiddos, preparing dinner, reading stories, memorizing scripture verses, practicing name writing, reading more stores, bath and bed time....but I am certainly thankful for the opportunity to sit and reflect on just how great the day truly was!

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