Thursday, September 5, 2013

First Day of Preschool

Our spunky, spirited, silly and sassy three year old boy started Preschool yesterday!! He did fantastic at drop of this year! Not a single tear shed as he marched into his classroom and began playing with some blocks. His afternoon teacher said he did great and he is eager to go back again! Success!
It is such an answer to our prayers to watch how far Paxton has come from his first day of school last year. He was so scared, and was so so sad the entire day. He eventually got the hang of it, but he was still so very timid. NOT today, he chatted it up with others and while he said he played by himself, I am hopeful he will make some great friends this year!!
Love you Pax! So very proud of you!!

Growing up so fast!!!
Paxton first day of Mother's day out last year
Paxton ready for Preschool 

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