Wednesday, August 14, 2013


He has worn his last toddler shoe, the next shoes we purchase will be in single digit sizes. He is in the last shirt and pant size on the "little kid" side and we will be crossing that line to big boy shirts, pants and shoes. He no longer desires to take a bath, instead he marches into the shower and no longer needs any assistance from his momma. He is learning to read. He is getting tall and lean and no longer has any baby boy facial features. He is our big guy. He is five. And HE is starting Kindergarten next week!!!

What the what!? Wasn't it just yesterday that I took him to his first mother's day out program and I cried like a baby in the car and drove back up to his school to "spy" on him from the parking lot as he played outside? And as nervous as I was for him on his first day, it was then that we realized how sweet his heart was, how much he desired to please his teachers and how easy he adapted to new social settings. If ever that was a child created for the school environment, it is this guy!! He loves learning, he loves people and he is just a social little man. He is ready. 

Maddox at age 2.5 ready for his first day of mother's day out

that bag, and his shorts were as big as he was

While, he is ready.....I most certainly am not.

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