Monday, March 29, 2010


I cannot believe it is already Wednesday....gosh, time just seems to just fly by....especially when you are having fun. We had a fun and eventful weekend that I guess we are still catching up from. Friday evening, we started the weekend off right by celebrating my brother's 30th birthday (happy birthday Jason...or as Maddox liked to call you "Grayson") It was a surprise party at my mom and Paul's house and boy, was he surprised. He knew the family was going to be there...but his lovely wife, Kameron, did a great job secretly inviting his friends and we all had a great time celebrating 3 decades of Jason!!! Saturday, the festivities continued as we celebrated with Jason and his friend Jeff (who's birthday is the day after Jason's) and played games and just visited for the afternoon. Maddox loved being around all the "big boys" (the grown ups) and watching all the little girls play (Jason and Kameron's friends who have babies are all of course Maddox was the only was pretty funny because he called all of the girls "Mollie" (well, actually he calls Mollie, "Wallie" so all the girls there were "Wallie") and he would just watch them and then get a little bored and go find some dirt to play Saturday evening, Brad and I went to church then on to my dad and step-mom's house and enjoyed dinner with my grandma, aunt and uncle who live in New Mexico. (They kept Maddox for us while we went to church, so they could play with him and enjoy extra time with the crazy boy and also to prevent him from having to be in the church nursery and risk being exposed to some nasty virus again...thank you guys again for playing with him) When we got back to there house after church, my dad had made a slide for Maddox in the back yard...I so wish I would have gotten a picture of it...he set up a folding table long ways and propped it up with something to make it the perfect slide for Maddox...oh that boy LOVED it and thought it was so fun!!!

Sunday, we woke up, had our usual McDonald's breakfast (Maddox of course enjoyed his "can-cakes" with Daddy) and back to the house we went to clean out our storage barn and garage. I say "we" but really it was all Brad...I mean seriously, I am huge pregnant and can't even pick up my own am I really going to help move stuff around....but I cheered Brad on as the clutter disappeared and our garage became clean and organized....Thanks Brad for all your hard work, it sure does look great!! After Maddox's nap on Sunday, we met up with our friends, Jason and Tara and their little 3 year old boy Spencer. We took the boys to the park and let them run, slide, swing, and play there little boy hearts out! It is so much fun watching them interact together...and I love the time us "grown-ups" have to talk about life and all the changes about to happen for the both of us....they are pregnant with a little girl due in we will have 2 sets of young ones very close in will be fun to grow our families together!! was a busy weekend full of wind, love, celebration, friends and family!!!

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Amanda said...

haha... I love your "i'm huge pregnant" line! I SO remember that!!! You're almost done!!