Sunday, April 11, 2010

Don't Say I Didn't Warn You

This is a very long post....please don't say I didn't warn you!!
Looks like once again I am attempting to play catch up with the blog...I have just have not had the brain capacity to sit down and get my thoughts together coherently enough to describe what has been going on here in the Kalivoda house!! We have been having a wonderful time...Maddox has been such a blast lately...he is so funny, energetic, polite, obedient (most of the time..he is still 2), and just a fun kid. We are all enjoying the beautiful spring weather and the ability to play in the back yard and breath the fresh air!!
We had a wonderful Easter weekend celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior!! We started our weekend by going to church on Saturday (by the way I love that our Church has Saturday evening services as well as Sunday morning....Saturday night just works so well for our family...there is no rushing around to make it to church on time and we get our entire Sunday to do whatever as a family...I just love it). We decided to go to the Easter church service as a family...yes that is correct, we opted to let Maddox sit with us during the service rather than go to the nursery (we wanted to experience as a family and we are trying to keep him out of the nursery for a while, at least until after the baby arrives...the last thing we need is for Maddox to catch another nasty virus like RSV and then bring a new born into the house) Let me just tell you, Maddox was amazing during the service...he loved the music, all the people, and he was so quiet during the service!
The three of us after church

Easter Sunday we spent the day with family. We started the early afternoon off at my mom and Paul's house, hunting Easter eggs, eating a wonderful meal, playing Ladder Golf and just hanging out. The weather was beautiful and we all had a great time.

We then spent the evening at my dad and Kelly's house. We hunted Easter "cars", ate another great meal and enjoyed the beautiful weather outside our their fabulous patio. It was a great day
On the 8th, Maddox turned 28 months old.....gosh, it is just crazy how quickly he is growing up!! He really is growing "up" He is getting taller and taller and thinner and thinner....he is rapidly changing from toddler to little boy, and I must say, I do believe he is one precious little boy!! I love this stage at almost 2 and a half. His eagerness to help (which will be fabulous when Paxton arrives), vivid imagination, increased vocabulary and ability to properly express himself, the ability he has to understand what we desire from him, the love he has for his family and friends, and the compassion he has for those around him are just a few of the things that bring joy to my heart while playing with him throughout the day. He is so sweet, yet ALL boy. There is never a stick left on the ground, a rock un-thrown, a dirt pile left alone or a water puddle free from a nice big hop from the little man!! Any object can become a tool, a push toy is now a very loud lawn mower accompanied by the sound effects of the Madd-man himself, and every dump truck, digger, fire truck or ambulance is pointed out....I never knew how much I was missing out on in this world around me until I had a 2 year old boy point it out to me...and I am so thankful to have this particular little man "teaching" me about all the important things in life!!!
Life as we know it is going to change here before we know it and I am getting more and more excited and anxious. I cannot wait to meet little Paxton and to watch our family transition from 3 to 4....I am nervous about all the changes, the late nights, endless feedings, fussy times, juggling 2 kids and still finding time to take care of Brad myself and remembering to feed the dog and the!! Things are about to get interesting as this journey continues, but I know the Lord has been preparing us and He will guide us through all the changes to come!!
Here is a quick picture of a craft project Sarah and I made for Paxton's room (we had a girls weekend..I will have to do an entire post on that this was so much fun). This is on one of the corner shelves in Paxton's room!!!

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Jocelyn said...

i'm glad you guys had a great easter! i love all the pics! beautiful family :)