Monday, April 19, 2010

Another Great Weekend

(This Picture made me was taken last sweet little Maddox....gosh, he is growing up so quickly...he will be a BIG Brother in just a few short weeks at the most...I think I am still in a little shock....I shouldn't be...have any of you SEEN my should be a constant reminder to me)
We had yet another wonderful weekend here in the Voda house!!! Friday evening we had Brad's annual work party to thank all of his employees for their hard work during the "harvest" time (December through season and the busiest time of year for all of them). My dad and Kelly kept the Madd-man for us (thanks again so so much) and we had a great time showing our appreciation to the Fiesta Crew!!! Also, Friday evening, while we were at the party, Brad's parents arrived in town for the weekend! Saturday, I was so blessed to have a shower thrown for me and sweet little baby Paxton.....since we don't really need a whole lot for this little man, it was more of a "sprinkle" and we were blessed beyond words at the amount of love our little one was shown. I will post pictures when I get them from my dear friend Sarah (thanks again, miss photographer, for taking such great pics at the party).
After the shower, Sarah and our friend Andrea and I went shopping for the last minute stuff I would need for Mr. Paxton, and just spent the day being "girls" we had a great time (or at least I know I did)!!!
We enjoyed the visit from grandmom and grandpa Voda...Maddox certainly enjoyed all the attention and lovin from his grandparents!! It was a great weekend and I do believe one I get everything put away, we are SUPER ready for Mr. P to arrive!!
Speaking of Paxton, I had another doctor's appointment today. Everything is looking good. My blood pressure has begun to increase a little over the weeks, but the nurse was not concerned with it (my doctor had 3 women in labor at the same time, so she was not at this appointment). Paxton was moving around well, his heart beat was strong and she said my cervix was still looking good. Looks like my body is holding on for a little while longer...praise Jesus!! I am a little anxious to see how this week goes without any of the contraction meds.....I have been having a ton of contractions (not very regular and not increasing in pain too quickly) and a lot of pelvic pressure.....Sarah still guesses the baby will arrive April 26th, and at this point I would not be too surprised if she were correct!! While I am ready and I feel like my body is gradually wearing out, I pray that I can hold strong just a little while longer and give this little guy all the time he needs to grow and develop!!!

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MaryAnn said...

Funny reading this knowing you had Paxton the next day.