Monday, March 8, 2010

26 Months

Today the Madd-man is 26 months old....gosh, I cannot believe how fast he is growing up and how much he changes every single day. He talks SO much these days (I am still his interpreter for the most part because it is still pretty hard to understand ALL that he says...but he certainly tries to inform you of EVERYTHING he has done, is thinking about, sees around him, or wants to do) We laugh and laugh at this little man all the time..he is so funny, fun spirited, loving, smart, and can figure anything out if you show him one time! We love this big boy so much and are so thankful for the joy he brings our family.

Here are 26 things the Madd-man is up to these days:

Loves to help me clean out the dishwasher....puts up his plastic bowls, silverware and the plastic cooking utensils.
Always wants to  help put the clothes in the washing machine.
Dances to his own tune....any tune out there!!! This kid loves to dance and "sing"
He will repeat ANYTHING he hears (there are no secrets around this house)
Still has such a deep bond with his beloved Raffi (his lovey)...currently he has learned to put Raffi down for a nap, feed him his snack and even put Raffi in time-out if he has gotten a litte out of control..hahha
Has become such a great napper and bedtime sleeper
Listens and obeys really well and understands if he does not there will be a consequence
Loves to play cars
Wants lots of hugs from mommy throughout the day (I LOVE this)
Understands other people's feelings (sometimes he will even ask Raffi "Whats wrong Raffi? Oh it will be okay")
Learning how to feed himself so well without making a huge mess
Currently discovered an interesting laugh when he is being silly (its super loud and shreeking... hurts our ears a little)
Still loves those fruit snacks
Has mastered the art of barganing...."one more time" or "one more...thats it" are a couple phrases we hear all throughout the day
"No, Maddox do it"-a phrase we hear ALL day because he is becoming so independent
"No, Mommy do it"-a phrase that is often spoken because he is so attached to me and often only wants my help, especially if he is tired or cranky at all...he does not want anyone else to help him and gets very upset if they try (again, usually if he is tired or cranky)
Such a big boy-Maddox climbs into the car by himself and can get himself into his carseat (such a huge help as I am not supposed to lift this big boy these days)
Such a smart boy- he knows ALL of his letters and can spell his name (when we help him). If his name is spelled somewhere, he knows all the letters together spell "Maddox"
So polite. He knows when to say "please", "thank you" "sorry" and now says "excuse me please" in order to get your attention (much more polite than "momma ,hey...momma, hey" hahhah)
Loves to play chase with daddy
Can count to 20 (if HE wants to)
Knows his "left hand" and his "right hand"
Wants to share his snacks...."here one for Mommy" followed by " for Maddox" (super cute...if YOU get one, then HE for sure has to have one)
Enjoys talking on the phone. Asks to call daddy at work and wants to talk to grandparents at anytime throughout the day.
Knows to pick up his toys and is such a big helper
Such a loving little boy. I love the stage he is in right now and his attitude has been such a joy the last few days!!

Thank you Mr. Maddox for your hugs, laughter, fun spirit, eagerness to learn, unconditional love, ability to listen and obey and your desire to make people laugh! We love you so much!!

Here is Maddox 2 years ago today, only 2 months old. Look how huge he was for 2 months old!! Sweet smile!

Here is the Madd-man one year ago at 14 months

And here is the Madd-man NOW! 26 months old...gosh, I can't believe how fast time has gone!! 

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The Boyers said...

i know everyone always says this...but isn't is amazing how fast they change! Maddox is so so so cute and funny and smart! He will be so sweet as a big brother!