Friday, April 10, 2015


Paxton had his very first t-ball game yesterday!!! It was SO much fun and he did fantastic! He hit the ball great, ran super fast, paid attention when in the outfield, got the ball once and immediately threw it to first base, and most importantly, he had a blast!!! This is seriously the most amazing t-ball team to be on. They are SO organized and the coaches are amazing. There are tons of dads and moms that help out and the kids are learning a lot!!!!
So excited for this t-ball season!!!

Ok, so I'm not even pretending when I express how organized they are. Look here at this picture of Paxton sitting in the dugout. Do you notice all the baskets hanging on the fence? They hung them in batting order for all the kids to put their glove and water bottle in while they put on their batting helmet and waited their turn to hit! Then as the game was ending, they packed their bags for them so everyone was ready to go!!! I'm in non-chaos heaven!!!!

Brad was asked to help at first base!!! So cute! Here he is with Paxton after Paxton's second hit!!!

When the opposing team is finally ready to bat (bc let's be honest, even with the most organized t-ball teams, it's like hearding cats to get each player up to bat) the coaches will hollar "check!!" And that is their que to get ready and get in their ready stance. How cute is Paxton here all ready for the ball!!!!

Little sister cheering him on!!! (Maddox has found two little friends to play with during the games/practices. He's pretty hard to catch most of the game)

One more of Paxton ready to go!!! This is right before he got the ball and threw it to first base!!

Oh so much fun!! The best part is watching Paxton giggle and have a great time while playing. I sure hope the rest of the games are this fun for him!!!!

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