Saturday, April 11, 2015

Poor Maddox and More T-Ball

Welp, we've entered the stage of life where we have activity after activity. Today was supposed to consist of Maddox's basketball game, then off to t-ball pictures for Paxton followed with a t-ball game. Poor little Maddox was so "off" this morning. Pouty, grumpy, and just acting like a not fun little boy. I was about to loose my mind (and already lost my patience) when I realized his poor face looked so flushed. I checked his temperature and he was running a fever. Good grief kiddo. I thought maybe he just got a little over heated so I waited a bit and checked him again. Nope. Fever was even higher. I called our nurse practitioner and it turns out the dang walk in clinic we went to last week (when we found out he had strep) put him on half to dose of antibiotic that he needs to be on for his height and weight. Geeze. So now we get to start another round of antibiotics to kill of this dang bug. Poor guy just can't catch a break!!!
Thankfully, my mom was available to watch Maddox and Harper while I took Paxton to pictures and his game. Nothing more miserable than not feeling well and sitting out in the sun with a lot of screaming parents.
Paxton had a super fun game!! He was the last one to hit for his team, which means he gets to be the "home run hitter" (he hits and then gets to run all the bases and bring the remainder of his team in). He loved that!! Then he got to play in the pitchers position. He got the ball every time and threw it to first base. He did so good!!! His second time up to bat, he accidentally let go of the bat and it went flying. The parents started to chuckle (not being mean, but come on, watching t-ball can be pretty funny). Well, Paxton heard it and got super embarrassed and started crying. Poor guy. The "fans" immediately realized what happened and started cheering him on. It took him a minute, and a good visit with his super awesome coach, and he got up there and hit the ball again!!! I was proud of how well he recovered. No one likes to feel embarrassed!!!
His final time in the outfield he played the catchers position. This too was super fun for him because the ball was thrown back to him after every play and he handed it to the umpire!!! Such an eventful game for him!!!
To top it all off, when the game was over, he received the Game Ball!!! I wish I could have gotten his reaction on video. He was so cute and so happy!!!

Here are all the players praying before the game!!

Ready to get that ball!!! (He's on the pitchers mound)

Sweet little buddies!! These two are in the same preK class and they have a lot of fun together. 

Our super pax with the game ball! He was SO happy!!

Love watching these two bond so much over baseball!!!!
Hoping I have some fun photos to post of Maddox's basketball game next week. It will be his last game of the season (and it's trophy day!!)

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