Friday, April 10, 2015

More T-ball Fun

Tonight, Paxton had the super fun opportunity to join the Texas Tech Lady Raiders Softball team and be the "highlight team" of the game. His little team joined the Lady Raiders on the field and one of the kiddos got to throw the opening pitch!!! It was so much fun!! Once again, Paxton is doing so good in new environments with new people and surroundings. He said he got nervous but then he " thought, nah, I'll be fine!!" Good job buddy. Oh so proud!!!

Here's the best picture I could get (he's number 4). 

Big brother waiting to cheer on his little bro!!! (Please don't remind me how big Maddox is getting. Geeze he looks 10 in this picture)

Harper girl trying to mimic Maddox with her "guns up" 

Cheering on the Lady Raiders (and waiting on mom to let them have concession stand snacks....let's be real, who can go to a baseball game without a good unhealthy snack!?!)

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