Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Maddox had his first t-ball practice this evening! (I unfortunately did not take a single picture to document this momentous occasion in our 4 year old's life, but I promise at his first game I will take more pictures than necessary).
There is something so precious, hilarious and a little chaotic watching a Hurd of four year olds attempting to throw, catch, run bases and attempt to hit a ball off of a tee! Somehow in the middle of practice this evening, Maddox decided that the need to throw a ball overhand was over rated and throwing it more like a bowling ball, rolling on the ground seemed a little more logical. Where he came up with this, I have no idea, but we are eagerly working on getting him back on track throwing the ball the correct way! He did really well running the bases and seemed to pay attention pretty well.
When I asked him his favorite part, he told me "running the bases were my favorite. I like to run"

I hope we make this season in our 4 year olds life fun and full of memories! I know it will create wonderful memories for Brad and I.

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