Monday, April 2, 2012

March Madness

My goodness, has it really been almost a month since I posted anything on here? Sheesh. This past month has been a busy one. An awesome family trip to Cancun. Brad turned the big 3-0. Maddox had his first t-ball game. Paxton had another Staph infection. Double Ear infection. Bronchitius. Breathing treatments were had by both boys. Maddox's upper respiratory infection turned into pneumonia accompanied with a bilateral ear infection bad enough to almost burst his ear drum.  I, of course, caught the nasty upper respiratory infection but cannot take anything for it because of this beautiful little baby girl growing in my tummy. Speaking of baby,  I have had contractions galore and was officially diagnosed with a "pissy and unhappy uterus" HA. Harper is growing beautifully and her room is basically finished! Paxton turns TWO in less than twenty days and boy oh boy does that little boy give me a run for my money EVERY-SINGLE-DAY. Maddox learned to snorkel in a swimming pool without a floaty. Paxton is adding more words to his vocabulary everyday and has discovered a fondness for the word "no". (Boo). Maddox learned to ride a bike without training wheels.
Man on man, no wonder I have no energy this evening. This has been one crazy month and I promise I will post more specifics soon with pictures pictures and more pictures!!

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LovelyLadyCakes said...

whow, you are a busy momma! All that learning for the boys and no meds for you to feel better...Thats why i saw red under your clothes the other day, you are wonder woman!! Can't wait to see you in 7 days and kiss your little babies...ahh they aren't babies anymore..I'm going with Paxtons word, ya