Friday, June 3, 2011

9 Months Later

I cannot believe last week was Maddox's last day of "school" wow, time just flew by. We had a rough start to the whole school experience with Maddox clinging to me and crying as it was time to walk away on the first day, we even had to send a picture of Brad and I with him to school so he could look at it if he got too sad during the day. And we eneded the experience with Maddox barely even noticing I was leaving and me begging him to give me a hug before I left for the day!
Maddox made a best friend at school this year named Owen and I continue to hear stories about the two of them playing. Over all, Maddox loved his teachers the most. He continues to ask about Mrs. Andrea and wants to know if she is doing okay. All of the teachers LOVED Maddox and commented on a daily basis that he was super sweet, always did what was told, never argued, always shared his toys and was very non confrontational. Now, I know for all of you who actually KNOW Maddox some of these qualities come as a huge shock because on a daily basis at home we have a constant battle to share and remember to use a nice tone when we are talking or do not get our way. Now, don't get me wrong, Maddox is a super sweet kid and is a ton of fun, but he is very head strong and knows what he wants and how he wants to get it. I love that the traits we work so hard to develop in him shine brightly when he is at school!! Way to go little Man!! I am so proud of you and I am so thankful that you had a great time at your first "school" experience!

Hard to believe this was my little man just 9 short months ago, in August, on his first day of school

 And my big boy now, on his last day of school

Sweet boy, on the first day. That back pack was as big as he was

 On the last day. He sure did grow taller!

Me and the little man in August

Us in May

Aww. Maddox and Mrs. Andrea (she cried after taking this picture...she really had a heart for my boy. Such a sweet sweet lady)

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