Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Paxton 14 Months

Monday, Paxton turned 14 months old....seriously!?!
This past month has probably been one of the more difficult months for me as a mommy and knowing what to do for Mr. Pax.
Paxton can be the most laid back little guy, but he is also very stubborn, or at least I think he is stubborn...I am having a very difficult time figuring out if he is in fact stubborn or if he is struggling in certain areas.
Paxton James does not eat very much. He will drink about 14 ounces of whole milk in an entire day, and if we are lucky he will eat a few bites of food. He has never been a huge eater, but lately I am having more and more difficulty getting him to eat anything at all. Here is where I am having a hard time deciphering wether he is being stubborn and is a picky eater or if he has some bigger issues going on. I took him to the doctor a few weeks ago and they drew some blood to make sure there wasn't anything going on there and all of that came back looking great. However, he has started dropping on his growth chart (which sometimes happen at this age because he is just so active) but the doctor and I both agree that its best to simply make sure we try everything in order to prevent life long issues with food, growth and development.
So, Paxton will be attending eating therapy with a speech pathologist. A therapist will asses him while he is eating and help me figure out the best ways to feed him and help him to develop good eating skills and figure out what exactly is causing him to have so much difficulty eating.
Well, to add to the mix, at his well check appointment today, I talked to the doctor about my concern with his lack of motivation to talk AT ALL. She informed me that hearing, speech and eating are all related and while he is going to eating therapy we will also work on his speech a little and simply make sure he is developing properly. I am always so concerned with his development, especially with him being born a month early and all the difficulties we had during my pregnancy with him.
SO, to wrap every thing up, Paxton will have a hearing test next week to make sure everything looks good there (they always do this first before starting any speech therapy...a lot of times the lack of desire to talk is because they cannot hear properly) then we will start eating therapy combined with speech therapy.

Here are Paxton's Stats from Paxton's Well Check Appointment at 14 Months:
Weight: 22 Pounds, 40th Percentile
Height 30 inches, 40th Percentile
Head Circumference 19in, 90th Percentile

Oh the silly faces of Paxton James

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