Monday, June 13, 2011

Time is Flying By

 Time is flying by. The boys are getting so big so quickly and changing so rapidly.

Time is flying by. Maddox is 3 going on 30 and never stops learning, questioning and observing the world around him. Paxton is 13 months, almost walking and rapidly changing from an infant to a speedy toddler.

Time is flying. Maddox now knows how to spell his entire name, he knows my phone number, our address and thousands of other random facts that he discovers on a daily basis. He can carry on a conversation like a grown adult and isn't afraid of anyone. Paxton is gradually getting more verbal, can point to his ears, eyes, and mouth. He does not enjoy talking, looking or meeting strangers. He is cautious but has an amazing sense of humor when he is comfortable enough to show it!

Time is flying and I am constantly reminded to slow down and cherish the chaos, the never ending noise, the drool, the not stop questions, the endless hugs and the thousands of I love you's throughout the day. Time is flying, but Maddox informed me today that he "never wants to get married when he is old like daddy because he never wants to leave me"
Oh sweet little boy of mine, that is fine with me. You can stay and be my little boy forever because time is already flying by too quickly!!

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