Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer Time

Well, Summer is in full SWING and we are having a blast. Summer time in our house means lots of sunscreen, spending most of the day outside, swimming at GiGi's house in the inflatable pool, frozen treats, chips by the pool, and simply playing our little hearts out!

Just some pictures from the start of our summer

Maddox really enjoys pushing Paxton....hmmm, is this a sign of whats to come?? At least Paxton likes this kind of pushing from his big brother!

love those brown eyes and how much fun Madd has on his bike :)

getting ready to slide...hahha..we have since purchased a bigger inflatable pool....he looks HUGE here ;)

Sweet brothers....is it just me or does Maddox look about 8 in this picture

sharing some ice with GiGi

Just chillin in the pool

aww sweet memories!!!

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