Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Four to One

Hi there...sheesh, once again I find myself behind on this blog and not doing a very good job at updating, which makes me sad because I love to look back at older posts and reminisce about all the fun, challenging and simple day to day things in our lives. Speaking of looking back, Brad had my blog printed out into a hard back book form and I cannot wait to get it in the mail...what a wonderful gift for our family to keep forever!

Everything is going well in our world...obviously keeping busy and trying to keep up with a 3 year old who's imagination is on fire these days.....in fact yesterday I went to Mars, rode on a pirate ship and played on the beach all before noon. And Paxton is keeping me on my toes with his lightening speed crawling skills and his new found ability to climb up and over everything.
Maddox has been super sweet lately, giving the best hugs and asking anyone around if they are going to "miss him". He loves super heros, Batman in particular and flies like Superman throughout the house. I am quickly learning that if I ask Maddox to do something and he is less than thrilled to do it, I can ask "Batman" to help me and he comes running!!
Oh Paxton, he is a stinker. Getting SUPER fast crawling and standing independently for longer stretches of time; however, he still throws himself forward to "walk" thus face planting A LOT! He plays really well and loves to play by himself.  He can entertain himself pretty easily with a simple straw or anything long and skinny! He loves to put smaller objects in bigger ones, and makes the funniest crying sound when he gets frustrated. He is learning to sign for "more", "finished", "please" and "Thank you".
He can verbally say "Momma", "Dadda", "bubba" (for Maddox) and makes a funny sound that sounds like "momma" when he wants more of something.
There are plenty of days when I feel super out numbered, almost as though there are 4 of them and only one of me, but I get more hugs and kisses and lovin on in a single day than I ever imagined possible. My heart (and my arms) are FULL, and I love it all!!!

Just in case I need a reminder that it really is not 4 to 1 on most days,
 here is what it would look like if it were
(Maddox age 3, Cameron age 2, Crew age 1, Paxton 13months)

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