Friday, May 13, 2011

Cherish the Gibberish

Oh Sweet Maddox,  this kid talks NON STOP from the minute he wakes up in the morning until he falls asleep (well...he talks in his sleep, so I guess in all honesty he NEVER stops talking). He has such an inquisitive mind and you can tell that his little mind never stops either...he wants to know how something works, why it works and how he could do it differently! He can have the sweetest spirit about him (when he wants to) and will tell you "I love you" all throughout the day...such a sweet little man! He can also point out his strong opinion very quickly and makes sure you are well aware if his desires are not the same as yours....which can make for a very long day at times; however, I came to the realization  today that while some days are long and exhausting with all the non stop gibberish, I am already far too close to this stage in his life coming to a close.  All to soon I will awake with the realization that my super talkative Maddox will no longer have the need or desire to talk with me all day long! That thought brings tears to my eyes and places a hole in my heart.
I will embrase the questions and cherish the gibberish!!

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